1. Obsidiantoo's Avatar
    This is going to be my first mobile device. As a beginner, I have some questions. It would be great if you could help me out:
    1) Does to UK version (Advent Vega from PC World) have the slot to accept the slide case, and has anyone managed to get hold of one in the UK?
    2) What would be a good screen protector? The only device-specific one I can see is Skinomi which sounds good, although expensive. I am a bit worried that users say Skinomi film dents badly - I guess the stylus is likely to be pretty tough on the film and a heavily dented film may reduce the performance of the stylus. I am reluctant to spend that much on a screen protector that's not going to be up to the job.
    3) Does the Note 7 work on 5GHz wifi? As I understand it the 802.11n standard does include 5GHz, but it is optional. I would like to be able to use the Note 7 use in a school where, I'm assuming, due to the large numbers of pupils the network is 5GHz -but perhaps they always have some 2.4GHz capability as well, even if it is crowded?
    4) Can I put in a 64GB micro SD card or only up to 32GB?
    5) Has anyone tried out the stylus with Sketchbook Pro or other art programs? Did the variable line width and palm rejection work on these?
    6) Can I connect this to an Ethernet cable (via a BobjGear or similar adaptor)? One of the places I want to use this has Ethernet only (not allowed to create a local wifi hotspot from their connection because of the public network type).
    7) Does anyone have any good tips on how to protect the camera lens from scratches? Cases with a flap-open or sliding lens cover?
    01-20-2014 06:44 AM
  2. anon(1024368)'s Avatar
    Hi Obsidiantoo,

    I have had mine for about 7 weeks I will answer the best I can.
    1 - Yes it has a groove for the slide cover but they are unavailable in the UK at the moment.
    2 - I haven't tried any yet but so far the screen seems pretty tough. I just keep mine in a separate pocket in my messenger/laptop bag, so far the screen is mark free.
    3 - The Note only works on 2.4GHz. I think you will find that most places offering a 5GHz network will also offer 2.4Ghz as not all devices are 5Ghz yet.
    4 - Don't know
    5 - The stylus works very well with Sketchbook Pro although variable line width isn't currently supported. The only app i have found that supports the feature is the built in "Draw" app. Palm rejection works in every app.
    6 - Don't know.
    7 - I haven't managed to get any scratches on mine yet, but to be honest the camera isn't all that good if it was to get badly scratched I wouldn't be too upset.
    01-21-2014 07:04 AM
  3. Obsidiantoo's Avatar
    Thanks, Hutchinson!
    Anyone else got anything to add?
    01-22-2014 03:28 AM
  4. albadross's Avatar
    I have a 64GB micro SDXC card working fine in my Advent Vega TN7 (after formatting it to FAT32 first). HTH David
    01-23-2014 07:06 PM
  5. eclein's Avatar
    It'll be an awesome first tablet:-) :-) :-)

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using AC Forums mobile app
    01-23-2014 11:34 PM
  6. Obsidiantoo's Avatar
    Thanks. Now, I haven't a clue how to do that. I had a quick Google on it earlier and it all seemed to involve people rooting the tablets and using downloaded programs and a long series of commands to do it. If that's what you have to do, I think I shall pass; I need to learn to walk before I try to run. If it's just a case of buying a 64GB card, sticking it in the SD card reader on my pc and doing something like right clicking to get 'format to FAT32', then I am interested.
    01-24-2014 03:58 AM
  7. albadross's Avatar
    It is very simple to format a 64GB SDXC card to FAT32. There are plenty of FAT32 formatter programs you can google for. I use a program called guiformat.exe (google for 'guiformat'). Put the memory card in your SD card reader and run the program. It should detect the correct drive for the card (check!) and then it works just like normal Microsoft formatting.

    By the way, no rooting or anything difficult is required!
    01-24-2014 12:24 PM
  8. Obsidiantoo's Avatar
    Thank you albadross for being so helpful! I think now I just need to know whether anyone knows if it will be worth buying a (somewhat pricey) cable to attach the micro USB to wired Ethernet connection to use the tablet in a 'no wifi' area.
    01-24-2014 02:34 PM
  9. anon(1024368)'s Avatar
    Update to question 2: the slide cases are available at PC world. Had mine for a few weeks now and I have to say they are of excellent quality and very reasonably priced.

    Posted via Android Central App
    02-21-2014 04:24 PM

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