1. Ryandroid86's Avatar
    I was able to order my OP2 and I feel the phone is awesome. I can deal with everything but the home button.

    I watched a quick review on YouTube stating the home button has a grounding issue. If your hand touches the sides of the phone (metal) then the home button does not respond very well.

    I know I can switch to on screen buttons. But I don't want those. I'm hoping an OTA update will be able to fix this. (not sure how)

    The finger scanner does work really well though. As long as you set it up correctly.
    08-31-2015 10:26 AM
  2. pampurio97's Avatar
    I'm not sure if everyone is having this issue.
    Anyway, let's hope they'll fix this with an OTA firmware update, or if the problem is an hardware problem, that they'll replace faulty devices...
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    09-01-2015 06:43 AM
  3. pampurio97's Avatar
    They actually released a software update today: OxygenOS 2.0.2 OTA.

    This is the official changelog:

    • Improvements to fingerprint recognition accuracy
    • Resolves a bug that could cause volume to be muted unexpectedly
    • Stability improvements to the front facing camera
    • Camera preview UX improvements

    And a note:

    A 2.1 update with more significant improvements is on its way and currently scheduled for mid-September.
    The detailed post is on the OnePlus forums.
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    09-01-2015 06:47 AM
  4. Ryandroid86's Avatar
    After the update I see a small improvement. Nothing crazy. But it is more sensitive.
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    09-02-2015 02:26 PM
  5. pampurio97's Avatar
    I've updated but I didn't notice any improvements. A post on the OnePlus forums suggests to completely disable gestures, and that helps a bit, but it's still not fixed. Let's hope it's a software issue!
    09-03-2015 06:30 AM
  6. Volcanicstrad37's Avatar
    It's a feature.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-04-2015 09:54 AM
  7. benjamminh's Avatar
    ^ That's just cold...lol
    09-04-2015 07:36 PM
  8. Maseroche's Avatar
    For some reason, I can't install the update. Always fails to install.
    09-13-2015 01:48 AM
  9. AkkiCool's Avatar
    I believe it to be an issue with the stock launcher, did you try any other launcher? I installed google now and its better
    11-11-2015 05:52 PM

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