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  1. Natsulus's Avatar
    So starting around 2 days ago I started getting these pop ups asking to accept a Privacy Policy & Advertising Terms on my One Plus 2 that said that they would be placing ads outside and inside my apps with their advertising network Airpush Inc.
    Here's a screenshot of it on my 2nd factory reset without reinstalling my backup data:
    Full Screen Airpush Ads on OPT?-screenshot_2015-11-13-01-34-23-1-.jpg
    Haven't uninstalled any new apps recently except for switching from 360 Security to CCleaner. Prior to these popups around 9 days ago, the anti viruses that I installed did detect that my 'Search' and 'Processor' had malware, but I couldn't do anything about those so I left it as is because nothing had really happened except for notification ads for DUBatterySaver and some other app that I didn't mind just removing when they popped up until 2 days ago with the problem occuring.
    So to attempt to fix it today, I looked online to try to find a solution and all I saw that might work with this problem was to factory reset, which I did and the problem had instead continued to persist with the popup appearing again right after the initial setup.
    AdWare and AirPush Detector did not detect anything.
    Installing AVG and other antivirus apps, they've detected that 'Search', 'Processor' and 'KKBrowser' have malware which I suspect may be the problem but do not know how to fix.
    Would really appreciate any help as this is really frustrating me right now.
    Attached Thumbnails Full Screen Airpush Ads on OPT?-screenshot_2015-10-31-16-19-57-564.jpg  
    11-12-2015 08:24 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. I think you can opt out of Airpush. If you click on the privacy statement, that might lead you to an opt out option.
    11-12-2015 09:27 AM

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