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    Have transferred some Musical Videos from Laptop to File Explorer of my android Mobile One Pus Two.I edited the titles of all of those. Now I would like to know as to where and How to save all those videos ,WITH EDITED TITLES, in the same mobile and free up the space from File Explorer?
    Since I am non Technical senior citizen ( +75 ), I shall appreciate if I can get step by step guidance.
    04-02-2020 11:51 PM
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    First, when you copy a file from the laptop to the phone, it doesn't get saved to the file explorer app itself. It gets saved to a directory on the phone's storage (and which directory it is depends on the one you specified when you copied the file over).

    Second, where are you editing the title? Are you talking about the filename, or are you talking about some other place where you could enter a title?
    04-03-2020 02:12 AM
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    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I downloaded some Musical videos, on in a seperate folder ofmy file in C Drive of My laptop. From there I copied this entire folder to my mobile internal storage (By connecting My Mobile directly to My Laptop, with USB cable) -File Manager-video Category.In video ,I renamed the Titles of Each Video song.
    Now I want to create a seperate folder consisting of about sixty musical videos,and save, with short cut on Home screen,in a such a way that it cannot be deleted, if lt is deleted from File Manager.
    I have explained, whatever I could, as a layman.
    Kindly guide me.
    04-07-2020 01:08 AM
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    Again, the file manager is not a file location -- it just manages the files that are saved to your storage. When you copied the folder from your laptop to your phone's internal storage, it was saved to a specific directory on internal storage. Using your file manager, you can determine which directory the folder is located in. Be aware that many file managers try to make it easy for the user by grouping categories of files together (but the files can be from various different folders in storage). To see exactly where files are located, make sure you're using the Explore option.

    It's still not clear to me how you renamed these video files. Did you use the file manager to edit the filenames? These would be what shows up when you look in the file manager. Or did you use a video editing app that can edit some of the embedded information in the files (which might include a video title that is separate from the filename)?

    To create a separate folder with those 60 video files, use your file manager app to create a new folder (to make things easier for you, it'd make sense to create it as a subfolder of the preexisting /Movies or /Videos folder). Then use the file manager app to copy the selected files from the source folder to the new folder. (Don't use the Move command, because if something goes wrong, you might lose the original files as well -- use Copy instead, and when you've confirmed that the files copied successfully, then you can delete the source files).

    To create a shortcut on your homescreen for the folder, you can see if the stock file manager on the phone is able to create the shortcut (not all stock file managers can do this), or you can install a 3rd party file manager app like Total Commander (which I know for sure can create shortcuts on the homescreen).
    04-07-2020 03:05 AM
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    I am really grateful to you for the way you tried to explain me.
    1.I had copied the folder containing 60 videos from my C Drive of HP Laptop to Internal Storage of my this android mobile One Plus Two.For this I copied by connecting Laptop and Mobile through USB cable.
    2. These went to File manager->Internal Storage->Categories->Videos-> here I RENAMED the files individually, by selecting the file, tapping 3 vertical dots and selecting Re name icon.
    3. As suggested by you , from Menue of videos, I tried to check Details ( the Path,) for one of the files.It shows /storage/emulated/0/Download/Gallery/Original folder on Laptop/Orignal Name of the File.
    4.NOW When I clicked Original Path,the latest edited (Renamed )name,got erased and only original name remains.
    5. How to create a new folder from File Manager? After creating the folder in which application it should be saved? My preexisting Folders on screen are only gallery and Photo. Is it necessary to have both the folders?
    5. Instead of Bothering so much to you, I would like to delete entire copied Folder (of 60 Videos ) from mobile and would like to recopy and transfer to mobile.For this, I shall appreciate your guidance in this regard. will you please suggest me the Best and simple way to transfer this folder with original titles,where it should be saved in mobile Location Folder/Application ) so that it can take minimum space,easily accessible (Home screen Short Cut ) and possibility of addition and deletion of folder and unaffected by deletion from any other file/folder.
    No doubt, I am asking too much but I am sure you will be able to help me out.
    Thanks and Regards.
    04-08-2020 01:04 AM
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    1. To delete the folder you copied, use the file manager app to navigate to the directory /Download/Gallery/ and select the folder you copied from the laptop. You should be able to delete it. (/storage/emulated/0 is often not shown in the file manager, since that's the "root" directory for the user.)

    2. Now connect the phone to your computer via USB again, and this time use the computer's Windows File Explorer to copy that folder directly to the /Movies directory.

    3. On the phone, use the file manager app to rename the files. I'm assuming that you're renaming the filenames, and not using a video file editor to edit any other embedded properties that might include a Title or Notes section for the video.

    4. To create a shortcut for that folder on the homescreen, you might need to install a 3rd party file manager app, if the stock file manager on your phone doesn't have that feature. In the stock file manager, find that folder and long-press it -- do the options include creating a shortcut on the homescreen? If not, then install Total Commander (which is free and ad-free), locate that folder, long-press it, then tap the "Create link on desktop" option.
    04-08-2020 02:22 AM
  7. ashokad71's Avatar
    Thanks once again for your prompt and useful guidance.
    1.As suggested by you, Deleted folder from Mobile through Files manager.
    2. As mentioned earlier, in C drive of my Laptop I created a folder , in which all these 60 Videos were downloaded, (Through Video Der ) and are saved there.
    Path is This PC-> Windows (C: ) ->my Name-> main Folder->This Folder.
    3. Now in laptop File Manager , under This PC , there are Directories of Music,Pictures and Videos folders. Should I first copy my subject folder, from C drive to one of these Three Directories, say, Video and Thenfollow Transfer path to Mobile File manager->Internal Storage->Picture or Music or DCIM or create New Folder there and Name it as a these 60 video's folder? ( As there is no movies Directory).
    4. I am not using any Video File application Editor.
    Thanks and regards .
    04-09-2020 01:31 AM
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    3. Now in laptop File Manager , under This PC , there are Directories of Music,Pictures and Videos folders. Should I first copy my subject folder, from C drive to one of these Three Directories, say, Video and Thenfollow Transfer path to Mobile File manager->Internal Storage->Picture or Music or DCIM or create New Folder there and Name it as a these 60 video's folder? ( As there is no movies Directory).
    You don't have to move the folder in the PC to any specific location first. If the phone doesn't have a /Movies directory to begin with, then use the file manager app to create one. I don't know the exact commands your file manager app has, but navigate to the uppermost directory you can (the "root" user directory) and look for a "New" or "New Folder" command. You might have to tap the Menu button to find it, or long-press an empty part of the screen.
    04-09-2020 11:43 AM
  9. ashokad71's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply as usual.

    I could create a ' New Folder' by clicking Internal storage and from menue of Directories, in mobile phone..
    1. Now Should I name it as /Movies or retain the same name i.e.of original folder,which was in my 'C:' drive of my laptop?
    2.Can I rename each of the videos in this folder?
    3. Where should I save this folder for easy access?
    4. Can I bring it to Home Screen?
    5. Can I add / copy files directly to this folder,later on ?
    Thanks and regards.
    04-09-2020 12:22 PM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    1. I would create a /Movies folder, and then copy your folder on the computer to the /Movies folder so that it becomes a subfolder.
    2. Once you've moved the folder from the computer to the phone, then try renaming the files.
    3 & 4. For easy access, I previously mentioned trying to create a shortcut to the folder on the homescreen. I'm not sure if your phone's file manager has this option -- try long-pressing the folder in the file manager and see if there's an option to create a shortcut. If not, then install Total Commander as I had previously suggested.
    5. The folder on the phone will act like any other folder, and you can add, copy, or delete files as you'd like.
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    04-09-2020 01:27 PM
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    Thanks for your valuable guidance and I am sure now with such a wonderful help, I will be able to sort out the problem.I am really grateful to you for such a clear instructions in a lucid manner.
    Thanks once again.
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    04-09-2020 10:56 PM
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    1.I have copied my videos folder to the Movies Directory in Internal storage.
    2.As suggested by you,have now installed Total Commander,on my android mobile One Plus 2.Shall appreciate,if you would kindly guide me as how to create a Short cut of my this Folder on Home screen, step by step if possible.
    Thanks and regards
    04-10-2020 09:17 AM
  13. B. Diddy's Avatar
    1. In Total Commander, start by tapping the blue Home icon at the upper right.
    2. Tap Internal shared storage, then Movies.
    3. Long-press the folder you copied into the Movies folder, then select "Create link on desktop" from the menu that shows up. Tap Ok/Apply, than Add.
    4. You should now see that folder shortcut on your homescreen.
    04-10-2020 12:55 PM
  14. ashokad71's Avatar
    I am really thankful to you for the guidance you provided to me for such along time. That too with patience and in such a manner, so that a senior non Technical person could grasp and implemented it.
    Now that you have solved my problem , should we consider this particular threat as closed.
    Thanks a lot once again.
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    04-11-2020 12:08 AM
  15. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I'm glad I could help! There's no need to "close" a thread -- there could always be someone else who finds this thread and wants to ask a followup question. Enjoy your videos!
    04-11-2020 01:45 AM
  16. ashokad71's Avatar
    I fully agree.No need to close the thread. Thank you once again.
    Stay safe and take care.
    B. Diddy likes this.
    04-12-2020 06:35 AM

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