1. eric0668's Avatar
    When I go into messaging and try to send a text to someone, I get 3 red dots, going back and forth. Sort of like it is "working."
    But It won't send for about 5 minutes. I tried taking out the SIM and reinserting it. I can send texts....but eventually....not right away.

    Also, my phone was plugged in charging DEFINITELY AROUND 85% when I laid down, I woke up from a nap and could not get the phone on. Some red error with white letters below it. It only flashed for 1/1000th of a sec. But, when I took out of the wall, the phone error stayed on. It said 'battery is too low to turn on - charge for awhile before turning on.' Well I charged for 5 min and it was fine.

    I can only think that it has something to do with some oddities that I have read about OnePlus regarding wall chargers or cables??

    -I was using their dash cable. At some point I was using that cable with a Anker 5000mah external battery, and at another point I was using Anker's 4-port wall adaptor. Really weird since I never get my battery below 85ish. One of those things drained it.

    All I want to know is a guess as to which one, and which one I shouldn't do, and that all is fine, it is one of the oddities of OnePlus as I said.

    Thank You
    12-10-2016 08:36 PM
  2. mchockeyvette27's Avatar
    Both of those definitely are pretty odd. Do you still have the texting issues? Have you checked to make sure your carrier has provisioned the one plus phone? Check to make sure your apn settings are correct.

    The charging issue is weird. I certainly use other cables and wall warts on the daily, but never had issues like that. Has it only happened once?

    Edit: sorry for the late response! Really hope these issues aren't persistent!
    12-13-2016 04:12 PM