1. cgardnervt's Avatar
    Hey there everyone!

    I was going to try and change my battery icon this morning but I noticed that its no longer there? Did 7.x updates change this? I'd like to use the circle rather than the standard battery icon. Anyways any thoughts?

    01-26-2017 07:03 AM
  2. cgardnervt's Avatar

    Here is what my battery screen looks like on my OnePlus 3T.
    01-26-2017 07:05 AM
  3. fuzzylumpkin's Avatar
    Settings>status bar>battery style.

    I liked the circle with the percentage inside, alas it is no more.
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    01-26-2017 07:52 AM
  4. cgardnervt's Avatar
    Thank you! I guess I am blind!
    01-26-2017 08:15 AM
  5. speedlever's Avatar
    I personally don't like the circle with the percentage inside. It makes the percentage number too small to suit me.

    ... different strokes for different folks...

    However, you can get Accubattery from the Play Store. It has the icon you're looking for and seems to be a pretty decent battery app too.
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    01-26-2017 10:07 AM
  6. fuzzylumpkin's Avatar
    I appreciate the recommendation, but the battery icon has to be on the right (my right, not the phones right) next to the clock. I use battery widget reborn which could do it, but I'm fairly sure it would make my brain explode...
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    01-26-2017 11:42 AM
  7. Matty's Avatar
    Thank you! I guess I am blind!
    Haha, don't worry. We all have our 'bad days'. There have been days when I'm looking for something in the shops and after hours have gone by I finally ask someone for help and then they point right in front of me to the item I want lol.

    I personally prefer the 'standard' battery icon. Keeps things simple.

    A droid a day keeps the Apple away
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    02-01-2017 04:58 AM

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