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    I don't know if this is a 3T or generic Android problem, so I'll start here. About a month ago, I started getting an error message every time I'd go in or out of the built in message app. I've verified that the messages were sent and rec'd despite the error. Have tried clearing cache for message app. Have since updated to 7.1.1 and cleared partition, and the problem persists. I'm not rooted or anything fancy. Can't think of any new apps or anything from around that time frame. I can live with it, but it's darned annoying to hear that beep all the time. Any suggestions?
    05-07-2017 04:03 PM
  2. vlee's Avatar
    For anyone following this - I found a reference on another site that I hadn't seen on previous searches. A person downloaded Handcent SMS, and used that to delete an unsent message and then had no more error messages. I downloaded it ("Handcent Next SMS") and didn't see any unsent messages. However, when I returned to the stock message app, I no longer got the error message. Don't know what those steps did, but I'm happy not to hear that ding every time I open the app.
    05-08-2017 04:38 PM

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