1. Matty's Avatar
    We were treated to some awesome news today from Pete Lau that OnePlus is guaranteeing some Android 'Oreo' love to their OnePlus 3 & 3T devices.

    What do you guys think about this? Did you expect it? Or was it a 50:50 if the OnePlus 3 would get the update.
    05-31-2017 10:47 AM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Welcome news, unexpected.
    05-31-2017 10:54 AM
  3. krishnansasikumar's Avatar
    Good to hear that 3 and 3T will get Android O. The only question would be when.

    From their history, they concentrate only on one model. Nothing wrong as most manufacturers focus their attention on their latest phones only.

    For those who can't wait, there are always custom Roms.
    06-02-2017 09:01 AM
  4. fuzzylumpkin's Avatar
    Allegedly. Don't believe it til it happens.
    06-02-2017 10:58 AM

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