1. elkido122's Avatar
    I'm having issues holding the 5ghz band even when I manually set it to only use the 5ghz . It drops and use the 2.4ghz band and later in the day will go back to 5ghz some how. I thought 4.5.5 fixed this but apparently not. Any suggestions thanks
    07-15-2017 02:04 AM
  2. Matty's Avatar
    How far away from the router are you? Are there any obstructions like walls, people, furniture ect between you and the router?

    The 5ghz frequency while faster than the 'standard' 2.4ghz. It's got a shorter range and gets 'cut off' by various things more easily. 😃

    So that could be why it's dropping and switching. (not saying it is though)
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    07-15-2017 03:59 AM
  3. VigneshChandz's Avatar
    Can u elaborate ?
    As far as I know the 4.5.5 solves all minor issues! 5ghz is obvious faster then the 2.4 ghz
    07-15-2017 05:32 AM
  4. smvim's Avatar
    Aside from quality issues with the internal antenna and wireless chip inside your device differences between 2.4GHz and 5GHz are going to be determined by your wireless router so update or not you should focus more on your router. Placement is often an issue so as an example if you have your wireless router tucked under a desk in a corner office, moving on top of a cabinet in a more central location can help expand the effective range of the wireless signals emitted by your router. If your router has external antennas rearranging them will shape your effective range too.
    Try installing this Wifi Analyzer app from the Play Store onto your phone, and then do a walk-through of your home so you can get a good idea on where there are weak spots as far as 5GHz weak spots:
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    07-15-2017 11:56 AM
  5. elkido122's Avatar
    i am within 1 feet of the router, so the same room in other words. every other device i have owned has help onto the 5ghz band except for this phone. i know it is not router related. guys i know the difference between the two bands, it is a problem of the phone holding that band and not switching itself to another. i want it to stay on 5ghz and it will not do that.
    07-15-2017 03:38 PM
  6. smvim's Avatar
    Unless you need 2.4GHz for specific devices why not just set your router with a 5GHz-only network. What model router do you have?
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    07-15-2017 07:34 PM
  7. elkido122's Avatar
    My printer has to use 2.4 so I made the 2.4 and the 5ghz the same name in case I also am out of distance for the 5ghz
    07-15-2017 11:05 PM

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