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    I was brought here because of a problem I'm having with my brand new OnePlus 5T upgraded to Oreo 8.0. I'll ask my question after I write the issue very quickly:

    I transferred my music library to my Android and now have about 6000 songs on it. When I attempt to SET RINGTONE for my contacts to LOCAL RINGTONE, my entire music library is not sorted. It's all randomized, and without cursing somebody, I think it's an inherent flaw in either the Oreo 8 or the Oxygen thing (I do not understand the interaction of those two things). There's absolutely no way to sort my songs. Not by songs, nor by albums or artists.

    Now the question: If I download a ringtone app, like Zedge (or some other - please advise me correctly!), can Zedge sort my existing library and allow me to use it? Or am I forced to use their library and not my own?

    IF Zedge will not analyze and sort my library, do any of the Ringtone Apps do so?

    Thanks in advance for your time reading this and giving me an answer.
    02-15-2018 07:37 PM
  2. Ca_lvn's Avatar
    I use Zedge and half to transfer files to the correct folder after downloading ,or you can just set one as system ringtone, not familiar with sorting or organizing alphabetically sorry no help there
    02-15-2018 08:39 PM

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