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    I got a text from my carrier today that I was getting close to my monthly data limit (which I've never come close to), so I finally took a look at the settings on the phone for reviewing usage. What's weird is that if I go to the Data Usage section within Settings, the initial indicators says I've used "0.00 MB".

    Data usage indicator-indicated-usage.jpg

    If I then open the Billing Cycle section, there's a field for "Amount of data used", but that's an entry field -- tapping that just allows me to enter a number, which doesn't make sense.

    Data usage indicator-entry.jpg

    If I go into the "Cellular data usage" section, then it's accurately reflecting what I've used.

    Data usage indicator-actual.jpg

    What's strange is that all of notification options appear to be tied to the "Amount of data used" rather than "Cellular data usage" -- isn't that pointless if that field is user-entered rather than system calculate? What am I missing??
    08-19-2018 02:16 PM

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