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    My device: OnePlus5 A5000
    First of all I want to mention that I am kind of a novice on rooting so please do not go hard on me, mistakes happen. So I was running the lastest version of Android on my phone (Version 5.1.7) and decided to root my phone and use Magisk. So I unlocked my bootloader and I was going to work with TWRP. But I did a terrible mistake and wiped the system while experimenting. I know this is a very stupid mistake but it sadly happened. So my phone is basicly empty and has no OS running everytime with a black screen whenever I enter the system . The only thing I am able of doing is transfering files from my PC to my phone and using TWRP. I downloaded the original and latest OS version from OnePlus' site and moved it inside my phone. I then went on to install it via TWRP but I faced "Error 7". I did a research on that and I found out that it happens because it detects if it is a compatible ROM with the whole "assert" thing in META-INF in the "updater-script". I went on to unzip it and edit it with NotePad++to remove "assert" but "assert" was no where to be found since it was the original version. I then went on to try installing the lineage version for OnePLus 5 not knowing if it was going to work and it turned out to not work at all. I also want to mention that whenever I tried removing the "assert" from the lineage version I got an error of "Invalid zip file format!". Finally I want to mention that in order for me to view the files I worked by repairing the partition and converting it to FAT and exFAT(I did NOT convert it back to EXT4 yet). In case I am missing something or there is a way of solving it please let me know, I would really appreciate it! Also if you do not mind be as decscriptive as possible since I am a novice and I do not know everything like other individuals. I will though make a deep research on every single comment I get, I am not waiting for an easy solution on such a subject. I hope I can fix my phone with your help in the near future. Thanks in advance!
    Files that I have downloaded (if necessary):
    1)ADB Files
    2)Original version of latest OnePlus 5 Update (5.1.7) (.zip file)
    3)Lineage ROM for One Plus 5 (15.1-20181127-nightly-cheeseburger-signed)
    4)TWRP (3.2.3-0-cheeseburger)
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    11-27-2018 03:25 PM
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    11-27-2018 04:41 PM
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    These are always fun.

    I'd advise flashing back to the stock recovery, after formatting back to ext4, and side loading the update from your PC.

    You seem to have really done your best to make your phone unusable...

    That's as deep as I'll go for a 2 month old post from a user called "android Central question".

    Good luck.
    01-15-2019 10:02 AM

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