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    Well I tried, and actually did use the OnePlus gestures for some time, seven months actually but one thing I just could not work around was how hard it was to type with the keyboard all the way at the bottom of this massive phone. My digits simply just aren't long enough to accommodate that setup. I need a good 6mm or so below the keyboard to put it in the proper place, and let me just tell you typing on this phone is just fantastic now.

    Of course then my official OnePlus sandstone case broke, nothing I did, I've never dropped this thing yet it just split where it wraps around the sides. OnePlus said tough rocks, we aren't covering our faulty product so I bought a two piece Tudia merge case because I wasn't dropping $30 on another OnePlus case.

    The Tudia is a nice case but the lip that runs all the way around to protect the screen really gets in the way of using the OnePlus gestures. So I've resigned myself to trying to use the Google gestures I so hated on my Pixel 2. I can live with them but I don't love them. Part of me thinks the old tried and true buttons might be the way to go but I'm trying to move forward and keep up with the times. I do enjoy the flick to switch apps though and I'm getting better with them.

    However, I truly do miss the OnePlus gestures though, they are great and while I do love my big screen for watching videos most of them are still 16:9 anyway so would it really hurt to have a small bezel on the top and bottom? I mean just think, you could put something functional in there like a working finger print sensor.

    Anyway, just wanted to share what a dilemma this has been this week. Easier and better typing or fun intuitive gesture navigation. I still may go back but there's a part of me feeling the pull to go back to a Pixel this fall.
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    06-07-2019 10:10 PM
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    Just wait until you drop the phone screen down onto concrete. You'll appreciate that lip when that happens. (I know, you don't drop your phones. I don't either, but got my elbow caught in the wireless charger cord and the phone [in an Otterbox Defender] was flung against the wall, flat on its screen. That was about 4 years ago, and the phone still works fine.)
    06-08-2019 04:28 PM

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