1. ODog2323's Avatar
    I'm not even one full day in yet so I can't say it's going to be a deal breaker, but the curved screen edges on this phone are pretty jarring and distracting for me as a first time user.

    I find the light shifting in the edges pretty obvious, especially when viewing the display even slightly off angle. Not just left or right, but up or down as well.

    Using the phone outside today proved frustrating since the curves pick up and reflect ambient light from all angles, leaving just the flat portion as viewable. Looks like a quarter inch or so on each side of the display is unusable outdoors.

    The feel of my fingers hitting that curved edge is very odd when using the delete or enter keys on my keyboard, or any app elements that live along the edges. I know I'll get used to that quick though.

    Finally the phone doesn't seem to do much in the way of trying to avoid unintentional inputs on the edges. I'm having to be very mindful of my grip, and very careful when picking the phone up with the display already awake.

    Anyone else new to this kind of display and feeling a bit of a learning curve?
    05-22-2019 05:28 PM
  2. Casey Cheung's Avatar
    I'm new to curved screens myself with my S9. The built in "Contacts" app is challenging to tap on the desired letters "A,B,C,D, etc" because the letters are at the extreme far right edge of the screen, exactly at the point where the screen is curved. So say I want to click on a contact with a last name of "K", I'm finding it hard to click on the letter of "K" to open the contact. The curved screen looks cool, but in practice, it's bothersome.
    05-22-2019 06:35 PM
  3. isdaako's Avatar
    How is it with a case applied?
    05-23-2019 07:55 AM
  4. soma4society's Avatar
    I'd still prefer a flat screen but this doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. With the clear case that OnePlus provides (my preferred case of the three I've tried), it's nowhere near a deal breaker imho. But I'd be lying if I said it doesn't take some getting used to.
    05-23-2019 08:29 AM

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