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    I have a a OnePlus 7 Pro paired with Powerbeats Pro. Whenever the Powerbeats Pro are in my ear ( usually single bud) as I am driving ( car Bluetooth sucks) the caller on the opposite end heard a very loud buzzing/hissing/electrical noise sound. This generally occurs if I use them in a car, any car as I have tried it in several. I have received complaints of it occurring when I am not in a car but it generally would resolve on its own which is not the case in the car, it will persist until I remove the buds. I have enabled call recording via root in order to record the noise they hear ( I only rooted after the fact so it is not the cause). I have Galaxy Buds as well and this is not an issue with them at all. I have Cleared my Bluetooth cache/storage, unpaired re-paired removed my phone pairing from my car audio system uninstalled Galaxy Wear app just as a test , factory reset, exchanged the Powerbeats Pro used several other Bluetooth buds that do not have this issue , pretty much any and everything I could think of that may be the reason however no solution was found. I changed the codec from AAC to SBC, no resolution. It may seem as though the simple resolution would be to use the Galaxy Buds as it's replacement, they are a good pair of "Truly" wireless buds however I place a ton of calls and workout and the Powerbeats Pro give me the best of both worlds due to their Mic clarity and the physical volume rocker that exist on both earbuds and the hooks ( I have a hell of a time with most truly wireless buds staying in my small ears). Worse case I will just use the Galaxy Buds but their mic clarity is not the best if no solution can be found but before I resort to returning the Powerbeats Pro yet again I wanted to see if a solution could be found. Thanks in advance for any input!
    08-09-2019 02:27 PM
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    My Powerbeat Pro's have the same issue. I had them paired to my iPhone xS Max and the left headphone buzzed while I was in the vehicle. Tried resetting and everything else, but no go. Called Apple to ship them back. When I exited the car, I have no real issue. I thought it was bad PBPs but I think it's a software issue and Beats needs to release a firm update ASAP.
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    08-09-2019 06:22 PM

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