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    Hey all,

    Hopefully, someone can help me. I ditched my iPhone X for the OnePlus 7 Pro about two weeks ago and upon getting it, downloaded the Beta 1 of Android 10 and everything was fine. Before I get started, let me preface this story by saying that this isn't an iMessage issue, I deregistered my number with Apple, changed my Apple ID (which signs me out of all my computers and devices, etc).

    Now, upon having the Beta 1, aside from the dark mode reverting back to light every time I used Android Auto, everything was smooth. Then came Beta 2 and at first, I didn't notice anything strange. Then my father called and asked if I'd seen his texts. I said no, he said he and my sister have both been texting me and it keeps coming up as "failure to send." Now at the time, I thought, man why is iMessage doing this? I did it all right. Then last night, a friend texted me with an Android phone, notta. When I saw him in person, he said his text failed, so clearly iMessage wasn't the issue. It was also then I asked him what carrier he is using, he said Verizon. Funny enough, my father and sister are on Verizon. My wife, son, and mother-in-law are all on AT&T, like me. I get their texts fine. I can also text those on Verizon, they get my texts, but they can't reply.

    I visited AT&T today (a 2-hour visit), they tried network resets, OTA updates, a new SIM card, nothing worked. I can't get text messages from anyone outside of AT&T. I contacted OnePlus and one guy told me to roll back to Android 9, however upon trying, it says it's an older version and to prevent boot failure, it won't allow it.

    So, for those who said TL;DR the short story is, I have a OnePlus 7 Pro (8GB 256G) on AT&T running Android 10 Beta 2 and I can't receive text messages from anyone who is not on AT&T. I can try and wait for the final Android 10 build to hit my phone, but who knows how long that will take and if it doesn't work or the bug is still present in the final build, what do I do? I love this phone, but not being able to communicate via Text is terrible.

    I'd love some suggestions and I'm curious if anyone else has the 7 Pro on AT&T and is running Beta 2. Do you have this issue?


    09-25-2019 05:18 PM
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    Clearly everyone else needs to get on AT&T. Joking aside, I'd just use a short term third party messaging app like Messenger, What's App, or something until Android 10 comes to your phone. Or you could just use this small hiccup to exercise your speaking abilities more in the meantime. That is weird that that happened though. Also I was thinking that the Beta program was not open to us guys on US carriers. I'm on T-Mobile.
    09-25-2019 05:52 PM
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    My gf described a similar issue to me recently, where she was getting failure messages on her Verizon iPhone Xs Max when trying to text me on my OP7P on AT&T. She also wasn't getting messages from me, though I don't remember seeing any failure messages. Eventually the flood gates would open and we'd get all of one another's messages at once.

    The last time this happened, she was on iOS 13 beta, and I've been on stable Android 9 the whole time. I have a feeling it's more carrier related than device or OS.
    09-25-2019 06:40 PM
  4. Valaar's Avatar
    Ok, so further add mystery, I had a friend text me last night from his phone and he uses T-Mobile and I was able to get his message. I have been unable to test a text incoming from Sprint, but I did test another friend who has Total Wireless and that didn't work.

    So, that leaves me with the idea that anyone on a CDMA carrier, can't send a text to me on AT&T (GSM). Does anyone have any clue as to why or even at this point who to reach out to? I mean, Verizon can't fix my AT&T settings to make their customers phones work to text me, AT&T doesn't have settings for CDMA... am I left contacting OnePlus again and if so, is this a bug with Android 10? I updated to the stable "final" version last night and the problem continues to pursist.
    09-26-2019 09:57 AM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. If you're connected to AT&T, you have nothing to do with CDMA - that's between a Verizon customer and a Verizon tower. After that, it's a digital signal on a wired or fiber backhaul to the central office, then fiber to AT&T, then fiber to an AT&T tower, then GSM to you. So, even though it sounds good, that's not it.

    2. Go back to the AT&T store, and ask them where the Device Support Center is. Bring the phone there. (There should be a local one - it's in the rear of an AT&T store.) Bring something to read - it's first come, first served, and you could wait an hour just to be next. If they can't figure it out, ask them if they could please escalate it - maybe even to networking. In 2019, there's no reason an SMS shouldn't go intercarrier. (We had trouble with MMS going intercarrier back in 2004, but since that was straightened out, aside from occasional glitches that lasted less than a day, SMS has never been a problem.)

    Someone in networking may have to call someone at Sprint networking and at Verizon networking, have each of them sent you a text, and each follow the text from origination to you, to see where it's getting lost, but it can be fixed. (It may even be something in the way your account is set up. They already registered a new SIM, so that wouldn't be the problem, although it's one of the possibilities if they hadn't.) If even the DSC can't fix it ... I had AT&T send me a new phone once, when a problem stumped the DSC and the DSC's tech support people. (They have people they call for help too.)
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    09-26-2019 02:04 PM

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