1. Tony tata's Avatar
    Hey guys, all the sudden my Spotify and Amazon music, which are the only 2 I use. There could be others, but just in the past couple days all the sudden when I'm listening through my Bluetooth headphones, the audio starts to stop skip backwards like 10 to 15 seconds. And keeps replaying over and over again. When the screen is on it doesn't do that but when I shut the phone off it starts screwing up again. Even the volume goes up and down without touching anything. I've tried everything I can think of to fix the issue but no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
    06-14-2022 10:11 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Which Bluetooth headphones do you have? Do you have other headphones you can test? Have you tried forgetting your headphones from the phone, then re-pairing them?
    06-15-2022 11:22 AM
  3. Tony tata's Avatar
    Yes I have done both of those. I'm so lost lol I've never experienced something so strange. I'm currently using the go air pop by JLab and they've been fantastic for months.
    06-16-2022 05:47 PM
  4. mustang7757's Avatar
    Can try reset network in settings maybe needs a Bluetooth reset
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    06-16-2022 10:32 PM
  5. Mr Bojangles1's Avatar
    Do you have developer options enabled?
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    06-16-2022 11:25 PM
  6. Mr Bojangles1's Avatar
    Check these settings in Spotify and then battery background usage
    Attached Thumbnails OnePlus 9 issues with blue tooth-screenshot_20220616-212633_spotify.jpg   OnePlus 9 issues with blue tooth-picsart_06-16-09.28.34.jpg   OnePlus 9 issues with blue tooth-screenshot_20220616-212934_settings.jpg  
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    06-16-2022 11:32 PM
  7. Mr Bojangles1's Avatar
    I vaguely remember a setting somewhere that tells your phone when to sleep after turning screen off. Can't find it now though lol
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    06-16-2022 11:35 PM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Just to be sure, did you follow these steps to reset the earbuds?

    1. Keep earbuds in charging case and forget "JLab GO Air" from bluetooth device settings.
    2. Quick tap one earbud in the charging case 7x. Earbud will flash blue 3x.
    3. Quick tap the other earbud in the charging case 7x. Earbud will flash blue 3x.
    4. Take the earbuds out of the case. One will flash solid white and the other will flash white/blue.
    5. Now you are ready to connect to your Bluetooth device.
    You may need to repeat this process 2-3x until successful.

    (From this website: https://www.jlab.com/apps/help-cente...pair-to-device)
    06-16-2022 11:38 PM
  9. Mr Bojangles1's Avatar
    Check this setting also
    Attached Thumbnails OnePlus 9 issues with blue tooth-screenshot_20220616-214737_settings.jpg  
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    06-16-2022 11:48 PM
  10. Tony tata's Avatar
    I didn't even know that was possible
    06-26-2022 06:49 PM
  11. Mike-EEE's Avatar
    Having troubles, too:

    This feels like an unfinished $600 phone
    07-21-2022 12:52 AM

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