1. djeborn's Avatar
    My friend got an invite for the OnePlus One today from their "Storm of Invites." He's willing to give me an invite, but I'm not sure what to do. I think the phone is awesome, but my wife just barely bought me a Moto G (which I really like) for my birthday like a month ago. My Moto G now has sentimental value and I think it would make me and my wife sad if I were to sell it. I can't afford to shell out $350 for the OnePlus, and truth be told, it'd be hard to come up with the extra $150. I think I could come up with the money, but is it worth it?
    06-25-2014 05:57 PM
  2. sriky77's Avatar
    If you can manage to get money somehow, you should absolutely buy it. Maybe gift it to you wife!

    If you decide to not buy it then I've desperately been looking for an invite. It'd be awesome if you could pass on the invite to me

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    06-25-2014 06:39 PM
  3. Kilroy13's Avatar
    I would sell the invite to the highest bidder! Don't just give it away!
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    06-25-2014 06:54 PM
  4. tpags's Avatar
    That my friend is for you and you alone to decide. Funds are always the biggest decision when buying a new product and you know your situation better than any.

    I'm sure the One+ would be a great purchase as I am also waiting for an invite or open orders to begin. Good luck with your decision!!

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    06-25-2014 09:33 PM
  5. djeborn's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm still thinking about it, but I thought of this. Do you guys think it will be readily available sometime in the not so distant future? If I could get one late when I have more money I'm fine to wait. What are your thoughts?

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    06-25-2014 11:00 PM
  6. tpags's Avatar
    I would think within the next couple months it should be more readily available. Thing is, nobody really knows that for sure.

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    06-26-2014 09:57 PM
  7. paul-c's Avatar
    Towards the end of summer it should be pretty easy to get it.
    06-26-2014 10:11 PM
  8. joe767's Avatar
    Can I buy your invite? If so pm me...

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    06-29-2014 04:03 AM
  9. Kaido's Avatar
    Start an auction for the invite and save what you profited. Use that money towards a 2014 late flagship or an early 2015 flagship.
    06-29-2014 11:14 PM

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