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    I had the oneplus one 64gb. I sold it because I just really missed my Note 4, and I will never use the Oneplus as my daily driver again. It was not at all what I needed for work, or even my personal life everyday.

    However, I have just recieved another invite. I'm thinking about buying the Oneplus again, just to root it and play around with it. I just wanted to know if anyone has rooted and done anything truly amazing with the oneplus.

    As I said I really enjoyed the phone, and was a little happy when I would be at work or out and about and people were always asking what phone I had because they had not seen the oneplus at their carrier. That being said, the oneplus dominates in looks and customization . Yet the note 4 dominates in the things that matter most to me....... Power, speed, functionality, camera and video quality. Yes I know the Oneplus cab record 4k. Great, but it's not to often I need 4k recording.

    So any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you all......

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    03-31-2015 07:13 PM

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