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    Hey Guys!

    Since the 1st of September i have been talking to one plus's customer support. To date i have spoken to Gretal, Sheira, Marty, Cyd, jiki, Lejeal, Mark, Lyndon, Rose and Leo, That is right, 10 different customer service people. Almost every time i replied to a message, i would get a responce from a different person. This made the whole situation difficult as they would not know the situation and i would need to reexplain my self, only to need to do it for the next person, and the next.

    After receiving two different emails diagnosing my issue as a different thing, i have decided that if they are not going to give me a refund or fix my phone (Which i am entitled to according to there warranty policy", i am going to prevent them doing this to others by helping in stoping others buying this phone and slowing sales. On October the 12th, at 06:36am i received an email from Sheira who diagnosed my issue as a result of quote "wear and tear via normal daily use" whereas on October the 5th, at 04:27am i received an email diagnosing my issue as quote "misuse/accident" from Cyd.

    I guess you guys are wondering what the whole issue was. When you open the sim drawer to insert or remove a sim, you expect it to be a simple and easy task when done carefully. Well, the first time i went to remove the sim card, i had a totally different experience. When going to remove the sim, the sim drawer became stuck. This was as a result of two pins in the sim reader protruding downward, ultimately causing them to become detached when the sim draw was removed. Obviously this is damage is as a result of faulty internal hardware, something that i was accused of creating through "damaging" my phone. May i say that my phone has had a case on it its whole life as well as a tempered glass screen protector.

    After becoming increasingly frustrated at the idiotic robotic replies i was receiving a sent the below email which was replied to with sarcastic comments, accusations and just generally unprofessional comments. I know my email was very hard going but after essentially being robbed of $350 USD you cant complain.

    Customer Service Help-screen-shot-2015-10-14-10.10.38-pm.png
    I need assistance in taking my case further and either receiving a refund, replacing the phone or repairing it! Unfortunately, a paypal dispute is out of the option as i am out of the 6month time limit. If any of you guys/girls have had a similar experience, please pm me about it and how you got through the situation. The warranty expires early next month so i have a feeling they are delaying my case so they can give me a reason not to help.

    At this point in time, due to the poor customer service i do not recommend anyone buy this phone. Don't get me wrong, it is a bloody amazing phone, but when it lasts for five months and the customer service is terrible, it is defiantly not worth the risk. Hold off until the company works itself out!

    Thanks for reading,
    I would much appreciate any help possible,
    Harris Pisani
    Attached Thumbnails Customer Service Help-screen-shot-2015-10-09-7.26.42-pm.png  
    10-17-2015 07:04 PM

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