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    I want to know how you guys actually use some of these roms I have tried the newest AOKP rom which runs great :~D But lags the **** out of my phone after a while(Even after tweaks and what not) I also tried the CM9 rom works great but after a few days I start lagging, just like the aokp. I finaly settled to sleipnir(sorta?)I love this rom because it is so fast (with and without tweaks) Recently that rom gave me problems, I downloaded clean master and I go into a bootloop... It takes 7 mins to load up then I try using it and reboot. I definatley think it is clean master as I downloaded it twice and It does the same(This should be a warning if you use sleipnir) Okay well why I really made this thread is not to complain about these awesome roms(Thanks to all the devs who made and ported) I really want to know how some of you guys have you elite setup( What rom are you running? Tweaks? How is the battery? Does it lagg?) I tried a couple of roms CM9, Slimbean, Slimkat, CM10, AOKP, Sleipnir. I do like speed in my phone which sleipnir provides. But I also want to have 4.0+(With speed and not much of a battery hog) So is there anything like it? Or is it time to just upgrade phone(Yep...)
    07-27-2014 05:39 PM
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    I feel ya. I am running on sliepner too. I have tried most of the others. I liked slim bean the best. but when i rooted i was not using a carrier just wifi with the text now app. but i decided to go back to virgin mob. and try them again. after that sleipner was the only rom i could get to load, as the MD5 checksums were not matching any more... I guess. I'm no DEV just a guy trying to get the most out of an obsolete phone. but the reason I replied is we're using the same rom i think, and i am not experiencing any prob with clean master.
    What does irritate me is when i check the runnning apps, play services and playstore and google this and google that are always running. I rooted to stop all the crap on this phone, yet i cant even control the services or permissions that are running. I have been trying to find some instruction for the rom as to how to get into hidden menues and other tweeks. it seems to be much less tweekable than the other roms I have played around with.
    That said my phone is much better now than stock, except battery life. slimbean got me 4-5 days in airplane mode. within a few hours on the Sliepner rom with the data up i get only 4+hours. I am in a low signal area though, so the radio works hard.
    many thanks to all the dev who worked on these different roms.
    Long Live PDANet!
    08-20-2014 03:31 PM
  3. zer0astr0s's Avatar
    Are you on android forums too? They have tons of roms there... Still on sleipnir tho... I tweaked it and its the best No random boots and I love it. Overclocked to 1.401 smartassv2 and noop also tweaked it battery is great apps run smooth its really one of the best :P While phenom is the only developer (that I know of) still making roms. I just wish he can fix cm7 and I would run that.
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    08-30-2014 07:42 PM

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