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    Since it turns out that the only thing stopping older kernels from working on the newer optimus v's is just a change in the .config file to enable the correct video driver, I've rebuilt the picasticks v7 OV kernel from source as instructed on his blog here
    All source links are on that blog page except for my modified .config file.
    Original disclaimer included:
    Before I post the download link, let me repeat the standard disclaimer. This software is provided with no warranty and you choose to use it at your own risk. Be sure that you understand what you're doing and that you have backups (NAND backup, backup of your boot image, whatever) to be able to restore to your old kernel if you need to."
    Anykernel version (recovery flashable, with signature verification OFF) here
    original Picasticks OV kernel thread
    I did this mostly because LeslieAnn is still maintaining Harmonia, and it seemed like a good idea to update the Picasticks kernel build; to allow Harmonia 1.7 or later to run on newer OV's as well as old, without having to switch kernels to Xionia.
    Since I built it anyway to include with Harmonia, I'm offering it here for download for those who still want to use froyo roms but have the newer-screen OV's. Except for enabling the new screen drivers, this build has no advantages over the original build by Picasticks, and indeed my zip optimization is probably less professional than the original. I did build it with the codesourcery toolchain, though, so it's a reasonable facsimile.
    Also, since the rebuilt kernel is included in Harmonia, I wanted to keep it GPL-compliant by posting the source links.
    Hopefully this doesn't ruffle any feathers, Pica hasn't been active around here for a while so I couldn't ask permission... I'm still posting links to his blog page for source since that's what I used, and linked to the original kernel thread as well.

    Thanks, Picasticks, for good code that just keeps on rockin' even as hardware moves on.
    10-24-2011 04:49 PM
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    He was pretty involved in helping others figure out how to do all if this, so I doubt he minds.
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    10-24-2011 06:36 PM
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    I am having sensor issues after adding picasticks remix . I've change the sensors.thunder.so file to the stock but that has made no difference. The one thing is that the stock one i used is for the older phones running 2.2.2, will that keep it from working? In other words do i need the newer 2.2.2 stock for the new screens?
    01-02-2012 07:51 AM
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    I am also having issues with roation. I have the older ov with 2.2.2. That how my replacement was sent and neither this or the original picastix kernel rotation will not work. Just curious will there be a fix?

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    01-27-2012 07:39 PM
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    Stupid question: If I install the old Picasticks Kernel (I have the old screen) over the stock ROM, will I lose all of my apps, contacts, text messages, SD card contents, etc?
    07-16-2012 04:20 PM
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    Kernals are "flashable" and do not require anything to be wiped...Just a re-boot. Unlike a ROM, where you would have to re-install backed-up APPS & DATA, contacts, ect.
    07-16-2012 04:27 PM