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    first I appoligize about posting too many thread about where or how can you get update.zip for the optimus v because I accidently flash the sprint version, and when I did I couldn't never get 3g back!
    until today I found a solution how to fix it n how to revert back to VM! with 3g again....
    n i wanted to share this with other people out there with the same issue I had. well here I go...

    1. reflash back to stock when you got it out of the box or how ever you want to say it. lol
    2. re-activate your phone, no worry it won't take long at all
    setting, about phone, activate phone.....
    3. reboot. Enjoy your phone again!

    takes only 3 step, n its a fast fix...
    don't buy a new phone! there always a way to get thing fix if you can find away!

    - puma
    11-14-2011 12:38 AM
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    I really want to say something sarcastic right now

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    11-14-2011 01:35 AM