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    So you just rooted your phone and now your itching to flash a ROM. Well here is most everything you will need to know to "git e'r done"

    If you did not backup your apps before you rooted go to the market and download either Titanium Backup or Free Uninstaller and backup your apps and app data only. Do not backup system apps or data.

    1. You will actually need two recovery's, 1st. Xionia_cwma_12518.6,which is good to have on the sd card because it has an option in the advanced section that will fix a recovery loop, which can be found here http://forums.androidcentral.com/lg-...-2518-6-a.html . 2nd the BobZohme modified CWMod recovery(VM670NH_recovery.img),it can be found here https://github.com/inferiorhumanorga...rc/wiki/Binary look just under the list of ROM's for the "V". In "New information".

    Xionia 1.2518.6 might not work with some 2.2.1 phones. If you experience any problems with ROM installs use Xionia 1.2518.4 which can be found here Xionia_CWMA_12518.4_VM_Recovery.zip

    (Tip): I renamed Xionia recovery to xrecovery.img and the Bob Zohme recovery to brecovery.img. This way all I have to do if I want to switch from one to the other is type in either one's name where it calls for recovery.img in the code.

    You can only have one recovery installed at any given time. Make sure the Xionia recovery is unzipped. VM670NH for Harmonia, HarmoniousBumblebee and Gingerbread ROM's, Xionia for the rest of the Froyo based ROM's including the Bumblebee ROM.

    2. The flash_image can be found here http://www.mediafire.com/?bx14hzq5i2pq3ps

    3.The Froyo based or Gingerbread IHO-CM7 ROM of your choice. I like the BACKside ROM which can be found here http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-a...ine-theme.html . All gingerbread ROM's require the gapps(google apps) which can be found here http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.ph...on/Google_Apps
    . For more Gingerbread ROM's go here https://github.com/inferiorhumanorga...rc/wiki/Binary for more Froyo ROM's go here http://forums.androidcentral.com/opt...t-started.html

    ALL Froyo ROM's except for the Harmonia and HarmoniousBumblebee ROM will need a kernel installed to work properly with the Hitachi screen found on most new 2.2.2 versions. For more info on this topic go here http://forums.androidcentral.com/opt...stom-roms.html To determine which screen you have go here http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-a...en-phones.html

    4. Download obijohn's "update wiper 1.3 zip" found here http://forums.androidcentral.com/opt...25-2011-a.html

    5. Make sure you unzip the recovery and the flash image, if not unzipped already, when you put it on the Root of the sd card(put them somewhere near the bottom of the list of file folders on the sd card). The ROM, Gapps and update wiper 1.3 zip need to stay zipped and be put on the root of sd card as well.

    6. using a file manager like ES file explorer rename the VM670NH recovery image (or the xionia recovery.img if you are going to install a Froyo based ROM) to recovery.img

    7. Download a terminal emulator from the market. Open it up and type in:

    flash_image(sp)recovery(sp)/sdcard/recovery.img(or however it's named exactly, on the sd card) (return) If you get a # after typing all that in, continue with the sixth line of code. If you did not, or got an error anywhere, start over.

    (sp)=where the spaces should be, do not type this in. (return)=do not type this. Just hit the enter key(the one on the bottom right)

    If you just need to flash a recovery then skip the third and forth line of the code. (su counts as the first)

    8. You should now be in your recovery. To scroll use the up/down volume keys. To select use the camera key if you flashed theVM670NH recovery, or either the menu key or the home key if you flashed xionia recovery(if you choose one and it makes the screen go blank just hit it again and then use the other). This first thing(and most important) you need to do is go to the backup and restore section and select backup(this will make a backup of your current system in case you make a mistake with the ROM install). If you want to restore a backup you will first have to wipe and format everything that's needed to install a ROM as mentioned below. Then select the restore option and pick the date stamp of the ROM you want to install.

    9. Now you need to do all these things(this must be done when installing a new ROM). 1.wipe cache partition. 2.wipe dalvik cache(advanced section) Now that your rooted, YOU MUST NEVER USE THE FACTORY RESET IN THE PRIVACY MENU ON THE PHONE . This will mess up your phone and require a PC and much gnashing of your teeth, and possible loss of some system functionality. 3. go to mounts and storage. Select format boot,system,data,and cache 4. go to install zip from sd card 5. go to select zip from sd card,chose the "update wiper 1.3 zip" first ( this is very important). It will go thru the install procedure. When done go back and select the ROM. When done go to 6. unless your installing a gingerbread ROM, go back and select the gapps. 6.,When all this is done select reboot system now.

    10. It will take 5-10min.for the initial reboot. If you installed a Gingerbread ROM You will be asked to sign in,skip this.

    Now you can go to the market app and click on it and sign in to your google account(you must have your e-mail address and log in code).Reboot the phone twice then go back to the market and download the app you used to backup your apps. Restore your apps. Set up your apps. Once you get everything set up just the way you like it and all your apps are just where you want them,go back into your recovery and make a backup of that ROM. You can now delete the first backup if you need to (you might keep it if you ever need to revert back to stock to sell the phone).

    WARNING: Do not restore an app that is already included in the new ROM. This will cause force closure issues and can corrupt the ROM.

    11. If you want to install a theme all you have to do is go into the recovery and wipe cache partition and dalvik cache,then go to the same option you did to install the ROM(theme must remain zipped) When you need to install an update to an installed ROM,all you have to do is wipe cache,and dalvik. If you want to install a kernel or patch, wipe cache partition and dalvik cache. Then go to the same option you had to, to install the ROM.
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    I'm going to need this.
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