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    How to fix 99.99% of all rom problems.
    (I.E. Basic Android Troubleshooting)

    Rom developers often get the same questions over and over, most have the same answer.
    The biggest cause of problems regarding roms are due to a bad install, this can be due to the flash not taking, incomplete wipe, bad download and more. The second biggest cause of problems is restoring bad data.

    Your LAST resort, not your first, should be to contact the developer and make sure your problem is not a rom problem. These things are the first things they are going to ask to do before they take your bug report seriously. This is for a variety of reasons, but the biggest reason we want you to go through all of this is because hundreds run our roms, if there was a major issue, more than just one person will find it. if the rom is popular, it's usually found within the first 20 minutes of release. Minor hidden things may take a bit longer but not too long. As soon as a problem is known, almost every dev will either remove a rom until it is fixed or at least warn people of the problem, depending on severity. If they don't you need to find a new rom.

    Before starting...
    Try and determine if the rom and recovery is compatible with your phone.
    Older phones can use all of the roms and recoveries, newer phones are quite limited. Newer phones should stick to Harmonia 1x or IHO based Cyanogenmod roms such as Backside, Bobzhome, Mirage and Harmonia 2. For recoveries, I recommend using Bobzhome IHO recovery simply because I know it works on all phones, but there are others. A link to Bobzhome recovery is at the end. Try not to replace your rom and recovery at the same time. So long as one works, fixing any problems is easy.

    If you take only one thing from all of this, [HL]ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make a Nandroid backup [/HL]before you install a rom. For recoveries, do one before and another after, this way you still have one that works with either recovery. A Nandroid can fix most mistakes.

    Installing your rom
    Disable any overclock you may be using.
    Backup everything (link to guide at the end of this post)
    Backup your sdcard to your computer.
    Insert the card into the phone, boot into recovery and format the sdcard.
    Download a fresh copy of the rom you want to use.
    Put the rom.zip on your sdcard and run an md5 check, as it is sitting on the sdcard. (link to guide at the end of this post)
    Properly, completely wipe the phone. (link to guide at the end of this post)
    Install the rom

    Important steps after you have installed your rom and have rebooted:

    DO NOT restore anything except contacts through sync.

    Download only a few programs fresh from the market and do not restore any data (except contacts). This is especially important for system settings. If things seem stable, you can try restoring some apps, and again see how things run. Again, no data! If things are stable you can then start restoring some of your data/setting.

    The only system data I recommend restoring is MMS and SMS messages.

    Leave your overclock at stock speed until you determine everything else is stable. Then set it manually, don't restore it with an app.

    If you do all of this, and you still have a problem, then contact the dev.


    Bad/improper formatting of the sdcard has been known to cause reboots. Always format cards with the device it will be used in. Computers are more forgiving than devices.

    Transferring data, especially through usb (which has little to no error correction) is particularly prone to corrupting data. This includes USB cables and card readers. This is why you have to do an MD5 check on the zip after it is put onto the sdcard. Many only do this if they are having problems.

    Recoveries, guides and tutorials
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    I luv you
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    Excellent guide! We need to get these things stickied... The noobs need this kind of help. Its stuff like this and your other guides that will hopefully lessen the amount of "Help I bricked my phone" threads.

    Tapatalkin it from my IHO CM7.1'd, MIUI Themed Optimus V
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    Excellent guide! We need to get these things stickied...
    Already done
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    I luv you
    + 1, maybe this will stop the influx of ROM Manager Threads (which you may want to but on there).
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    Thank you LeslieAnn, that was very timely as I have just successfully moved form Harmonia 1.3 to Harmonia 2.03 without issue thanks to your instructions past and present. This has only been my second time in changing both ROMS and recoveries and I have not had a problem installing them at all.

    So far all I have done is install Harmonia2 and re-booted a few times. I now understand that I should not restore anything (app or data). Good to know. What I will do is mark all my existing Titanium Backups for my Harmonia 1.3 so I do not end up using them for Harmonia 2.

    As I install all my apps fresh and configure them, I will make new Titanium Backups of them marked for Harmonia 2.

    Though it is a lot more work to start all over, it really does make sense, especially, if trouble shoot becomes necessary you know you're pure.

    Thank you for sharing with us,
    01-25-2012 01:07 PM
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    Thanks for this well written guide. Where was all this great info when I bricked my first phone ?!?!
    My phone contains a better world cause people like you are in it!
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    Could possibly fix a few issues I'm having...
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    lol, flashing for those who don't RTFM!

    #1 tip from me is read read read, then read some more before searching and always search before posting a question. This is why I have no posts!

    I <3 lurking
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    lol, flashing for those who don't RTFM!

    #1 tip from me is read read read, then read some more before searching and always search before posting a question. This is why I have no posts!

    I <3 lurking
    I always tell people read read and read again xD

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    Thanks for this helpful post..

    Just modded BACKside rom from Harmonia, everything went perfect..However, my biggest problem is that I can't seem to sync the phone back to my google account which has all my apps and contacts. I synced with the email app fine but every time I try to add my google account it says unable to open connection to server

    Any kind of help with this or if anyone has dealt with this problem before it would be much appreciated!!!Thank You. One Love.
    07-31-2012 06:24 PM
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    Try going back to the recovery and select: wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik cache (In the advanced section) If using older recovery's or the same wipe option wherever their located in the newer recovery's.

    Also check all boxes in: menu/settings/accounts and sync/touch gmail address to bring up sync options.

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    09-10-2013 01:45 PM
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    I can't format my sdcard because i can't mount it!!!! any ideas how to fix this???
    04-12-2014 03:50 AM
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    Are you trying to format in recovery, Windows, Mac, or Linux?
    04-16-2014 07:33 AM