1. BackHandLegend's Avatar
    Anyone care to share their rom, theme, cpu, and launcher?
    I want to gain more ideas on how to customize my phone so I'd like to look at yours.
    ***Please include screenshots***
    CPU - 122 - 729MHz
    Launcher: Samsung Home 2.1
    Theme: Motoblur
    Rom: CM7.2-RC0-IHO-MiRaGe
    Links... DL link: VM670-CM7.2-RC0-IHO-02172012_MiRaGe.zip
    Where I got it? https://github.com/inferiorhumanorga...rc/wiki/Binary
    02-20-2012 09:36 PM
  2. CuriousNoob's Avatar
    My current status:
    -BACKside, latest
    -Theme, Samsung Galaxy S ll
    -Launcher, Touchwiz 4.0
    -SmartassV2, 428-864

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    02-20-2012 10:32 PM
  3. LeslieAnn's Avatar
    Rom is ICS

    Home screen is:
    Launcher Pro (custom themed)
    Weather/clock widget is Beautiful Widgets with default theme but transparent, I need to change the font. (sometimes I switch it with Fancy Widgets)

    Lock screen is:
    Widget Locker
    Weather is Fancy Widgets (nice because this one gives wind and humidity)
    Clock is Digi Clock 1x4 resized to take up almost two rows.

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    02-20-2012 10:32 PM
  4. primalist's Avatar

    Harmonia 2.. really like this ROM
    Launcher Pro launcher
    SiMi Clock

    Pretty simple setup, really.. Looking to do something a little more imaginative.
    02-21-2012 01:02 AM
  5. Badboytoast's Avatar
    Rom}backside 02192012
    launcher}SE launcher
    live wallpaper}Ambient time
    weather/time}beautiful Widgets
    theme}A theme lite!!!

    sorry wont let me upload pics from phone
    02-21-2012 02:06 AM
  6. kcls's Avatar
    Rom is Backside IHO CM7.2
    OC 600-806 SmartAssV2

    Home screen is:

    Details and previous screens here
    02-22-2012 03:55 PM
  7. zazilez's Avatar
    Rom is signature, but recently switching from that to quattrimus ICS using trebucht launcher (not sure if spelled correctly), iho is green machine themed using flurry live wallpaper like a mac os wallpaper, and sense-like flip clock

    Sent fron my vm670 running cm7.2 IHO BACKside
    02-22-2012 09:57 PM
  8. cole2kb's Avatar
    My background probably breaks a rule, there's no full-on nudity no gore, it's just NSFW so instead of posting, here's a link: OV screens pictures by cole2kb - Photobucket

    Harmonia 2, 480-806 SmartassV2, pixel density @ 120
    GO Launcher with ICS theme & ICS widget themes, I have my desktop rows/columns set high so I can have more freedom re-sizing / stacking widgets.
    GOSMS with 'black' theme
    Calendar and Beautiful Widgets Weather on screen 3
    'Picture Frame' widgets & PowerAmp on screen 2
    Screen with no icons is my 'home' screen which has Circle Launcher that I set up with my most used apps.
    02-22-2012 11:33 PM