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    Alright, I occasionally run into this bug when using the notification bar GPS and Network on/off switch. This is a workaround that does not require clearing and reflashing your data.

    This bug is characterized by a notice that reads... application Dialer or Phone has stopped working (process com.android.phone), then forces you to force close it. Upon force closing it, the notice returns again. In addition you're unable to access network settings, you're in Airplane mode, and it's impossible to connect to Virgins networks.

    This bug is a result of network preferences that re-write themselves. This causes the phone to

    A. Attempt to think it is on a GSM network

    B. Switch the radio band it operates on

    C. Or change its preferred network mode

    Those errors stated above are based upon previous conclusions (these are just hit or miss as I might be completely wrong since I've never read my logs, but take what you will) found in this string:

    Issue 3502 - cyanogenmod - com.Android.phone Infinite boot with no service - CyanogenMod Android ROM - Google Project Hosting

    Note: Comment #20 is how I am basing this workaround, so I do not take credit for the discovery.

    So down to the solution...

    Notice: Although all my contacts and such are synced with google, it might benefit you to back them up.

    -First thing is first, you will need is Titanium Backup, and...

    -The version of your rom (https://github.com/inferiorhumanorga...rc/wiki/Binary) on your SD card and...

    -Patience, since you will have to constantly press the force close button.

    Note: If you don't have Titanium I think there is a way to adb push it to your phone from debug mode:
    Or just put an apk on the root of your sd card and brave the force close loop until you install it, provided here:

    So once you have Titanium backup, navigate to the backup and restore menu on Titanium and find these following:

    [Wallpaper/Settings] Settings 2.3.7
    [Settings/Bluetooth] Settings Storage 2.3.7

    And then "click" on them and select wipe data

    (If you can't see these above in full, turn your phone into landscape)

    Now, if your phone keeps force closing the Dialer app (the application Dialer has stopped working (process com.android.phone), you will need to wipe data on these...

    [CM Settings]
    [Voicemail] Dialer 2.3.7

    After you have completed wiping the data, reboot your phone into recovery, wipe the Dalvik and the Cache partition and then reflash your rom.

    Now, after you have reflashed or maybe you noticed on your initial reboot you will most likely notice the following issues.... The home and search button are no longer functional... This is an unintentional error in this fix. However, never fear, there is a little work around for this too.

    You will need to acquire button remapper from here:

    And so now you just install the app and open it. Then find the line designated with your home key, open that selection and press apply, and it should automatically fix the button mapping . Make sure to reboot your phone after fixing the buttons.

    Note: Some other things I noticed. Button remapper has a restore option when you press the menu option. Try that if things don't work.
    Also, on my version of BobzHome's IHO Rom in order for the keys to return I had to install the latest version of GAPPs. So try that as well if things do not go through.

    This method worked for me but if it does not for you then just add it as a question in this thread and I will try to walk through the mapping process with you. Since I am not entirely sure how this app works, I'll have to fiddle with it a little. If anyone can write out a full proof way of reseting the button layout with that app it would be super awesome.

    All in all I believe that this fix is a little easier then resetting all your user data and apps, but if not... then have fun in factory reset XD

    I hope that even though I have close to zero expierence reading code and logs, that this will still be a viable solution. If anyone has a better method please put it in this thread. If this is a repost, then delete the thread.

    That being said, this may not work entirely for you, so a little deviation off the beaten path may be required.

    If problems still persist, try clearing the data to any system and all APN and settings storage apps.

    Any other questions/problems/links not working just add it onto this thread.
    03-09-2012 04:44 PM
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    Odd. All the IHO / CM roms I've used have never had this issue. Thanks for providing the info though.

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    03-10-2012 10:58 AM
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    Going to attempt this for my MIUI problem., great find!
    03-10-2012 05:29 PM
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    Hey guys. I stumbled into that glitch again. So this time I had to try a different approach. I'll edit this one soon to contain updated info

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    03-10-2012 08:54 PM