1. gearsofwar23's Avatar
    I was goofing off on cm9 all day decided to go back to cm7.2 to stream a few videos until I went into the marketand everything I clicked said error item can not be downloaded. I went ahead and installed the play store apk and now it works fine. Did Google finally cut off the server to the old market or did I just have a bad flash. I did a fresh install I'm confused
    03-14-2012 04:39 PM
  2. arnold1997's Avatar
    Actually when it did dat to me I rebooted like three times and it fixed the problem

    Btw isn't Google play supposed to install by itself? Mine did.. .
    03-14-2012 05:00 PM
  3. CuriousNoob's Avatar
    This happens because the market needed to restart. It happened to me today, so I backed out, Google Play installed, then it downloaded right :P

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    03-14-2012 06:42 PM
  4. gearsofwar23's Avatar
    I pretty sure u can just download and install the apk and it will upload/ download from the servers from their. Google must of build a auto update/ push update market sever. It must of just glitched out from that push. Atleast I'm not the only one with this issue I thought I screwed something up
    03-15-2012 02:48 AM