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    So, as the title states, I was a bad boy and used up my 2.5 GB. My problem is that I'm a freshman in college and our phone company won't run us an internet line because we live in a semi-rural area. So, as a diligent student and as an active member on here, I've had to find a way around not having internet, which as I assume you've guessed is tethering. Bash me all you want, but I signed up for unlimited data, and I can tell you I tether only about twice a week, and that is to do homework. The real damage comes from downloading roms and things to flash to my phone, and recently downloading tools to use to build myself a rom... I downloaded the whole android sdk, a sdk platform, and a variety of other tools to build bumblebee.

    No I am not thoughtless, greedy, and an *****, in fact, I use the internet at school as much as possible, and whatever I can download at school I do. I have downloaded gigabytes of stuff at school, put it on a usb stick, and brought it home and used it, rather than tether and possibly go over the limit. However, this month, somehow I went over, probably because I set up all sorts of stuff to help build bumblebee, and my family also occasionaly asks me to tether them to the internet.

    Well, that's my story, and here are the numbers. Its an actual throttle and I've already noticed that it hurts when downloading speedtest.net just now so I could share. My new month starts in a few days, so I'm not really worried, and seeing as this month found me downloading a lot more stuff than I'm used to downloading, its probably not going to be a regular occurence.

    This throttle is real

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    04-14-2012 09:08 AM
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    I got the same message!
    04-14-2012 09:20 AM
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    Good on you for not being a data hog just for 'fun' like some.

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    04-14-2012 11:08 AM
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    i got samething last month...oddly enough,my speed never reduced. i saw the 1x icon appear briefly then switch back to 3g and never reappeared. i even downloaded iho again during that time. i assumed i would be in 1x through the remainder of the month.
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    04-14-2012 11:18 AM
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    Don't ask why, but this situation reminds me of Family Guy referencing this movie:
    04-14-2012 11:33 AM