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    Well I have just a few little questions regarding themes and theme editing for the Optimus V and a few customization questions.

    1 - Is it possible to change the colors of every icon shown on the status bar, etc?

    2 - Can one take the 2.2 FROYO theme (White status bar) and add it to ICS simply?

    3 - Best home screen customization app/prog that doesn't things up?

    4 - Any little bits that are nice to add that will make a nice addition to a theme or perhaps make the stock sexier?
    04-18-2012 08:42 PM
  2. rukin5197's Avatar
    I would talk to kcls. He seems to be a little good at theming
    04-18-2012 08:44 PM
  3. kcls's Avatar
    Lol just selling me out now are we? :P Well, let me answer these questions in steps:

    1. To put it simply yes. All the icons on the status bar are images. Png's to be more specific. To apply a theme to ICS, you would need to decompile the framework-res and systemui apk's and replace the png's with ones in your desired colors.

    2. Definitely no. They are like two different OS's. You'd need one made specifically for ICS, and since ICS doesn't have a theme chooser, you will need to use the method above.

    3. I'm guessing you meant one that doesn't slow things down? I use a combination of ADW EX and sometimes DesktoVisualizeR for my homescreens. I'm also on CM7 so I usually use a custom theme chooser theme.

    4. Stock is only themable with launchers. So I would recommend a new launcher (360 Launcher, QQ Launcher, Espier Launcher, and GO Launcher are excellent free ones, ADW EX is an extrordinarily customizable paid one).

    Feel free to ask any more questions!
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    04-18-2012 09:05 PM
  4. DraeHD's Avatar
    1 - Ah alrighty I'll take a look into unpacking/packing .apk's

    2 - Darn, I just love the look of the white bar lol.

    3 - Correct, and alrighty

    4 - Okay, just curious as to how that worked, I'm on Harmonia 2.
    04-20-2012 03:56 PM