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    So, I just recently installed BACKside ROM 0417 and now I'm getting an error message in voice apps like .andy and Skyvi saying my phone doesn't recognize voices..... the thing is, the Sound Recorder that came with the ROM and Voice Dialer work fine... so, is this a BACKside related problem? If so, is it fixable? Please help. D:
    05-05-2012 11:59 AM
  2. brotherswing's Avatar
    I know we got you fixed on "another forum" but since I'm a member of both I thought I'd repost the solution here for anyone else who may run into this.

    Certain apps that have voice control may be relying on Google Voice search to execute the voice functions. Installing that will give those apps the needed voice recognition capabilities. I hope this is helpful to others as well.
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    05-05-2012 02:28 PM