1. 00_wrath_00's Avatar
    Its has really been a blast being part of the OV community but I'm moving on. Got a Galaxy Nexus now. I want to thank everyone (LeslieAnn, Jerry, and everyone else) for all the great roms, tweaks, hacks, and support this great community has given me. Everyone keep up the great work for this great little phone.

    Sent from my GNex
    05-24-2012 10:21 AM
  2. mjs2011's Avatar
    Have fun with the GNEX. I'm most likely going with the EVO, but the GNEX was in heavy consideration (Straight Talk is my only GSM option in my area, and they make me nervous).

    Thanks to everyone as well! After next week, I'll most likely be moving on to the Evo V forum. I'll still visit every once in a while to hopefully offer some help here or there.
    05-24-2012 10:43 AM