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    I have an LG Optimus V and will be in Puerto Rico for about two weeks and want to know if my phone will work. Virgin Mobiles site says they have coverage in Puerto Rico. Do I have to be on the stock Virgin Mobile PRL for my phone to work? I switched to a Sprint PRL a while ago.

    Virgin Mobile:
    Does Virgin Mobile coverage include roaming?

    With Virgin Mobile , there is no roaming. No roaming means no roaming charges. You can use your Virgin Mobile phone anywhere in Virgin
    Mobile and extended digital coverage areas across the U.S., Puerto Rico , and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you leave our coverage area, all your text messages will be saved for up to 72 hours. Voicemail messages will be saved until you return.

    Can I use my Virgin Mobile phone if I am travelling outside the United States?

    Our coverage area includes all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands . At this time, our phones won' t work on networks outside that area. Sorry.

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    06-03-2012 03:24 PM
  2. gerbalblaste's Avatar
    It shouldn't matter. The Sprint PRL and the Virgin PRL are mostly the same.
    06-03-2012 05:47 PM
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    Yea that's what I am thinking but I'm trying to find out for sure.

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    06-03-2012 09:08 PM
  4. LeslieAnn's Avatar
    They are the same towers, so it won't matter.
    06-03-2012 09:23 PM
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    Ok thanks.

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    06-03-2012 09:37 PM
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    but with VM offering thethering shouldnt we be ble to roam now using a sprint roaming enabled PRL
    06-03-2012 10:37 PM
  7. LeslieAnn's Avatar
    Tethering has nothing to do with roaming.
    06-04-2012 02:35 PM