1. deitschs's Avatar
    I just finished my first ever root/rom flash over the weekend (noob alert) and the phone seems to be working great. My problem/question is I haven't tried to restore sms or calendar data yet, b/c I've read that it can cause problems. Need some help on how (if?) to proceed without bricking the phone.
    Here are some of the details:
    Optimus V with old screen was running stock Froyo 2.2.1.
    Rooted using Gingerbreak.
    Backed up with Titanium Backup (free version) and transferred a copy of backup to my computer.
    Flashed BobzHome recovery to phone using terminal emulator.
    Nandroid backup completed successfully, then I did the the wipe according to LeslieAnn's guide for clean 100% and install a new rom.
    Flashed Harmonia 2.08, which came up fine with no problem.
    After shutting down and restarting a few times to make sure everything was OK I did a restore of some apps (without data) from Titanium backup.
    This worked fine, and some are completely back to normal (through syncing online to restore data). However, my calendar is empty, of course, and I don't have access to my SMS data since I don't know how best to try to restore it. I know trying to restore system data can cause a lot of problems, but it seems some people have been able to make it work in some situations. Thanks for any advice and thanks for all the great info in this forum, it was SO helpful in getting the phone rooted and flashed.
    06-24-2012 10:10 PM
  2. Freedomrock's Avatar
    Go to System Settings/Account Sync. Select the account and choose your sync settings for Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail.

    You can use Titanium to Restore you MMS. I have the paid version but there should be option in the free version.
    06-24-2012 10:41 PM