1. gale's Avatar
    I just rooted my optimus v and put the harmonia 2 rom on it. It's all good except when I hook it up via usb to the computer to put files on the sd card, it doesn't show up in my drives. I went into the network settings where the "usb tether" setting is but it's grayed out. I am using dropbox for now and if I have to I will keep using it but if there's something I'm doing wrong I would like to know. I would much rather be able to transfer via usb if possible. I was able to before I did all the rooting and installing.

    And unrelated, but I couldn't seem to get instagram to install through the play store but luckily it was in my backed up apps (all of them didn't back up for some reason but this one did) and I was able to reinstall it from there. yay!

    eta: when I plug in the usb it makes a different sound-not the normal sound it makes when plugging something in. I don't get the bubble that says drivers missing or installing device software or whatever. Nothing at all happens.

    I unchecked debugging and that didn't do any good (not sure if that should stay checked or unchecked?)
    07-02-2012 02:32 AM
  2. gale's Avatar
    I wanted to update that I downloaded and installed the drivers from the "How to" thread and it works now.
    07-04-2012 11:42 AM