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    i am sure some of you are familiar with my mild obsession with inverted apps. I wanted to make a thread so we can compare notes specifically for the QUATTRIMUS builds with regards to what everyone is using, and how they got these apps installed.

    i've been using these:

    Inverted Google apps! ICS ONLY -[Updated 7/6/12]-Market update! - xda-developers

    most of them will dirty flash over your 4-29 GAPPS but I did have to go back and flash CALENDAR and MMS seperately.

    the main app that i absolutely CANNOT get to install would be inverted GTALK...i have randomly gotten it to work in the past but i've tried everything lately and it just FC's every time i open it now.

    if anyone is able to make install-able APK's for these that would be spectacular.
    07-22-2012 07:43 PM