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    I'm between BobZ, CM9 and Godzilla ICS themes. I loved IHO Backside cm7 and was overclocked to 806 all the time with that ROM and no problems with reboots or freezes. What's my best bet now for an overclockable ROM , ICS CM9 and AOKP are both causing me reboot and freezes while OCed. Also, where and how do I use the v6 supercharger I'm hearing about?

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    07-26-2012 05:49 PM
  2. Dbzavatar's Avatar
    Well ive tried Quattrimus cm9 & aokp and bobz and even Cold As Ice for optimus S. I have to Bobz is the most stable and fastest out of all of them. I rarely ever got reboots(even while overclocked). On the other ics roms there were constant reboots and freezes. Also, using V6 isnt as easy as it would be on say CM7.

    Optimus V using mirage cm7.2- i had to come back to cm7 because ics started to lag and video playing was ehh
    07-26-2012 05:58 PM