08-15-2012 10:22 PM
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  1. terthii's Avatar
    I've gotten to the point where I'm only stable at 480mhz/600mhz. My phone still runs fine, it doesn't really bother me. Sometimes I'll go somewhere in the 700's when doing more heavy multitasking, like using Navigation and Spotify. It usually doesn't crash on the way of where I'm going, but if I leave it in the 700's, I experience reboots.

    My advice: if you want to over clock, stay in the 700's to be safe.

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    08-13-2012 04:34 PM
  2. cammykool's Avatar
    im insanely stable at 600 for some reasons OC's dont stick on my v
    08-13-2012 05:26 PM
  3. nitestalkr's Avatar
    Speaking of stability on low speeds... I just noticed that on JellyBean, I'm set at 806/480 powersave, so I've been running at 480 for over a week, and its insanely stable as well... I remember setting it to powersave when my phone was dying about a week or two ago, but then I guess I forgot to change it back to savagedzen after I charged it.

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    08-15-2012 10:01 PM
  4. anthonycr's Avatar
    I'm fine at 806 interactive on Bobs ICS and that's really smooth. The only UI glitches are when I haven't touched the phone in a bit and the processor is slow and it will glitch when entering the app drawer while the processor revs up. I don't get reboots until I hit 844 really.

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    08-15-2012 10:16 PM
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    informative read
    08-15-2012 10:22 PM
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