1. slutyman321's Avatar
    every rom i flash after a hour it reboots and gets stuck in a bootloop
    08-08-2012 01:47 PM
  2. bkttk2's Avatar
    bootloop occurs on all froyo, gingerbread, and ICS based roms you have tried?

    What recovery are you using?
    08-08-2012 01:51 PM
  3. slutyman321's Avatar
    yes and xnion
    08-08-2012 01:55 PM
  4. sellers86's Avatar
    it could be an app.. try running your phone with no apps for a couple hours, and if it doesnt happen its an app causing the bootloop. then restore your apps one at a time to pinpoint which one it is.
    08-08-2012 02:09 PM
  5. Phatninja55's Avatar
    Make sure you wipe, boot, dalivk-cache, data, cache, and system.
    08-08-2012 05:32 PM