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    This is going out to just about anyone with experience in any of the things that I'm asking about.

    Basically, I want to broaden my knowledge/skill in several areas in Android development.. anything/everything from the basics, to the most advance thing you can fathom.
    I'd like to know how to build ROMs, Kernels, write code/scripts, possibly do driver work, themeing, building apps, basically all of it. I know a simple answer would be to take a class or read a book about most of this, but I prefer to stick to "self" education.

    All I'm asking for is the encyclopedia of useful links to get me started.
    I'm an extremely fast learner, and have a fairly developed gift of deductive reasoning and logical thinking. I basically just need to be pointed in the right direction, and given a few useful tips, most of the rest will be handled by myself.

    Treat me like a noob, or a genius, it makes no difference to me, just boast upon me the great wisdom of which most of you have to offer.

    I'll be working behind the scenes for a few months, honing the new information into a new skill, and forming a project or two of my own, while still testing out what is being released. I'm an "information hog" and need something new and complicated to learn.
    08-15-2012 06:46 AM