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    This is my first time posting and I have messed up my Optimus V big time. I rooted the phone with Gingerbreak. I was using the phone for a while and then decided to get a new phone so I put my V in my desk until I could find a use for it. Fast forward 6 months and I decide to give my mom the phone. I completely forgot that I rooted the thing and did a factory reset because I was giving the phone away. Now it is in the CWM recovery screen and I can't get past it. I do not know much about rootng and mucking around with the file system so I need someone to give me detailed instructions on how to fix this darn phone. I have looked around the forum and found a couple of different methods but I am not sure which one to use. Can someone please give me step by step instructions for the easiest way to fix this? I have a Mac and no Windows box. After I get this thing fixed, can you please point me in the right direction to properly root this phone so that I can finally do something cool with it? Also, I have a Galaxy S2 with ICS. I heard that I can get Google Now on it but I am not sure how. Any Ideas?
    10-16-2012 11:53 PM
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    You'll be alright you need to install a new recovery that has an option to fix these exact situations. Xonia or cannibal open touch will work but you need to download a zip of the recovery to flash from your current recovery

    tap tap tap
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    10-17-2012 05:44 AM

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