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    If having problems with USB connect or file transfer the try these:
    1.Go to settings/application/development. Make sure debugging box is checked. Then as fast as you can uncheck and recheck box.
    2. With phone off, plug phone into computer and turn on.
    3. With phone on and computer off, turn on computer (usually only works with older computers).

    The nandroid backup you make in the recovery is stored on the SD card in a folder labeled clockworkmod .

    Use Titanium Backup to backup all apps to the SD card.
    Use Root Uninstaller to backup all apks (apps in there download form) to the SD card.

    After install of ROM go to Titamium backup and just install your apps, no system apps from the other ROM (will cause force closures, system glitches, freezes, and reboots). If an app hangs on install then reboot phone. Then go to Root Uninstaller folder. Copy apk and put on the root of SD card (/sd card), then install.

    I have the paid version of both. Tittanium Backup now allows me to pick an option that restores backed up apps all at once. I just select and come back to phone 7-10 minutes later (I have 103 apps and this saves a lot of work and time).
    Root Uninstaller now allows me to do the apk install from the app.

    Go back to link I left. Click on first link in that thread. Go to: Guides/Link2SD: A Tutorial. New and Updated.
    This will explain how to get everything set up for Link2SD to work properly on the phone.
    I still have 120 something MB of space left on the internal storage with those same 103 apps installed.
    If you use the ZenGarden recovery you never have to take the sd card out of the phone to make partition and format partition to ext.4. You can even go back to ext.3 if you install an ICS ROM like Cold as Ice or the Quatrimus ROM.

    It can be found in same place as Link2SD guide. Look in the flash_image and Recovery's section

    To just flash a new recovery go back to link I left. Step 6: line 1. and 5.

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