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    I have an LG Optimus VM670 zv5_60401001, Kernel Build #4 zv541c0e845
    I also have a Samsung Sidekick T839

    I started with the sidekick and then got the OptimusV, both second hand from a friend. He did not do anything to root or modify them in any way. I have never had a smart phone until about almost 2 months ago when I got the sidekick and went online to see what I could do with it. I tried rooting it, completely screwed it up, and eventually fixed after my 9th or 10nth attempt at flashing 2.2.2 from 2.2.1. The learning curve is pretty steep and it takes a long time to get to a sufficent level of knowledge, which is where I thought I was at least getting close to after successfully reversing the problems I caused and trying every suggestion and flashing guide for the SGH available.
    When I got the LG I began the same process but was more careful with the forums I trusted to guide me through rooting my phone. I rooted it with gingerbreak and that broke the cdma radio data so theres no phone signal. Even the dialer, the LGEHidden menu and Sprint Hidden menu, and certian other process stopped working. I was getting force closes when pressing the dial button on the phone dialer or trying to send a text message, or when i tried getting into the mobile networks area or the activate phone service app.
    Somehow I fixed it, I think with a busybox application.
    So far so good, until i decided to flash the 2.2.2 google playstore app of the same series (buggy app as far as I can tell) from the 2.2.1 on the Optimus. (I think all those versions are accurate, I havent been into the logs today to make sure, Ive been in my file explorers constantly looking for a remedy in some obscure file). Now it says the GSM is not available, neither is the ethernet address, the imei or the sim serial number.

    The sim reader app I have says the sim card is ok, gives an network operator/operator code, says radio is cdma, with unknown network type, phone number voice text/mail IDs.
    A similar app that reads device Ids actually gives me the Android ID, Mac address and googleSerFramework. I know the phone number, and the sim serial and IMEI are on the label beneath the battery.
    I have been comparing the sidekick data with the LG O V to get an idea of what it should look in the efc folder or whatever other folder the data might be stored in. Ive tried transferring apps from the sidekick to reinforce the data in the Optimus which has much of it missing somehow, I dont know how but I am sure it is my fault. I have stopped removing things accidentally in the mean time.
    I have spent alot of time with no luck, and I really don't want to flash a newer rom just get back to 2.2.1. As I understand it the gsm radio from 2.2.1's wont work with 2.2.2's and that factory resetting from settings could have caused the problem also( but the factory reset buttun in settings button wouldnt connect and reboot the phone, it was an empty click).

    I am More than happy to give up any of my phones files or info anyone might need if they think they might be able to help me. Like I said, I am a barely a 2 month old infant when it comes to these kinds of phones. I really need both because I have to keep one (preferably the OptV) for work; calls, photos, gps, geology, topography, etc. I am an archaeologist and have to take in the dirt with me and its the only one that fits in a case or an artifact big, plus it has(had) less freeze-ups when loading mulptiple apps.
    Both great phones and I gotta say, I love the sidekick. But I havent given the Opt V a fair shake yet and I REALLY hope I don't have to reflash. But I will if necessary.
    Thanks guys, hope you can help me
    08-08-2013 09:08 AM
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    I would try flashing a custom recovery and rom on your ov. That may sort out some of your cobbled software issues. It may not fix any of that. Read thru the stickies in this forum, if you have not already. Follow the one called simplified root rom and recovery. Basically you can flash a custom recovery using adb commands or by getting the app Flash Image gui from the play store. I'd recommend using the zengarden recovery. You can download the .img file from that thread. Make sure that somewhere in the file name is the word recovery if you plan on using the gui to flash it.

    Once you have that recovery working you can use it to make a nandroid backup, wipe all of the partitions necessary to flash a new rom, and then flash the rom and gapps. I would suggest starting with MiRaGe. Put the rom.zip and the gapps.zip on the sdcard, and flash them in that order.

    If the custom rom doesn't fix your problems, you may need to flash back one of the stock roms. You can find that procedure also in the stickies under the unbrick thread.

    Good luck!
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    08-08-2013 09:26 AM
  3. bigsupersquid's Avatar
    If you have a sim card and gsm radio, something is funny.
    Any OV I've seen/used (I'm on my 3rd and my wife has one) has a CDMA radio and no sim card.
    Roms from here are for CDMA Optimi. They probably won't work with GSM radios at all.
    I believe the GSM model is the ThunderG board (Optimus One) instead of the ThunderC (Optimus S/V)
    The G is for Global and C is for CDMA.
    08-08-2013 11:19 AM

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