07-08-2013 02:37 PM
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    And the file I have attached to this post. Download it, unzip it, and put the 2 files inside in your android\platform-tools folder created from installing the SDK
    - dumb question but i couldn't find it, where is the the attached file? im new here but i am a quick learner.
    06-01-2011 06:56 PM
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    This is really helpful!
    06-01-2011 07:53 PM
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    I love you. I've been dying to put 2.3 on my optimus. Thanks so much.
    06-01-2011 08:54 PM
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    This looks very interesting.
    06-01-2011 11:07 PM
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    thanks bro
    i can finally do big things haha
    06-01-2011 11:53 PM
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    Thanks a lot!
    06-02-2011 03:51 AM
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    Have all the progs and will give it a shot. Damn phone keeps running out of memory, can't even modify a contact w/o deleting some apps
    06-02-2011 08:34 AM
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    This is great
    06-02-2011 10:10 AM
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    06-02-2011 11:39 AM
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    06-02-2011 03:07 PM
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    Thank you.
    06-02-2011 06:35 PM
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    thank u
    06-02-2011 07:00 PM
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    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am very new to evrything about this. sorry if i ask any stupid questions. when u go to the link to download the SUN JDK there are 4 differant options; JAVA PLATFORM JDK- JDK PLUS JAVA FX BUNDLE- JDK PLUS NET BEANS BUNDLE- JDK PLUS JAVA EE BUNDLE. none of them actually say SUN JDK. ( i have a feeling this is a dumb question so again i apologize but this is my first time) WHICH ONE DO U DOWNLOAD and where do i download it to? any particular file name or location
    06-02-2011 07:09 PM
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    As I said, sorry to clog up the thread... I'm only posting this so that I can see your attachments for the root.
    06-02-2011 07:34 PM
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    You are going to want to download the SDK/JDK. The FX Bundle isn't needed for this, the NET Beans bundle is not needed, nor is the EE Bundle. Just grab the "Java Platform (JDK)" bundle. For the very observant among us there are links below the image of the 'Java Platform (JDK)', one that says JRE and another that says JDK. There are also JRE and JDK buttons in the columns below the four images that kayrypee mentioned. You can also click the JDK button here. Basically all you need is the Java SE JDK, or just plainly Java JDK.

    Once you get to the JDK download page you'll need to select the OS you are using. If you are reading my reply looking for help I assume there is a good chance you are using Windows. If this is the case grab the "Windows x.." installer(s). If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows I assume you can get away with installing just the x86 (32bit) version of the JDK as the Android SDK appears to be 32bit, but I went ahead and downloaded both the 32 and 64 bit JDKs just to be on the safe side.

    And for those of you who like to learn, the JDK TLA stands for Java Development Kit and the JRE TLA stands for Java Runtime Environment. And TLA stands for Three Letter Acronym. The JRE contains the java executable and required files to run Java applications. The JDK contains the JRE PLUS the executables and required files to build, compile and make java applications. And SDK is Software Development Kit, usually all the files and other requirements to build software to work with a particular system or application. IIRC the JDK was called the Java SDK at one point or another, probably around the 1.4 time frame or so if I'm not mistaken so people may interchange these two terms as they have both been used and they are similar and closely related but not the same.


    On the abd reboot command my Optimus V appeared to hang. I have a non blinking cursor (looks like an underscore to those who don't know) in the top left of my screen. It was there for a while, had to have been 5+ minutes, so I launched another cmd window, cd'ed into the android platform dir, did adb shell, and typed reboot into the shell. My phone rebooted but appeared to hang on reboot but this time it displayed the Virgin Mobile boot sequence. I then launched SuperOneClick again and did the shell root as before. Then I did an adb reboot and the phone successfully rebooted with 'root'. I was able to successfully install SuperUser and Titanium Backup.

    So if your adb reboot appears to hang you might want to try the above. Also, I take no responsibility if you brick or otherwise damage your phone so use at your own risk.
    06-03-2011 12:28 AM
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    Thanks a ton for this!
    06-03-2011 02:15 AM
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    I am going to root now...
    06-03-2011 03:31 AM
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    Thanks, this looks perfect!
    06-03-2011 01:21 PM
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    06-03-2011 02:04 PM
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    hey thanks man. yes i do have windows. (windows 7) i went ahead and downloaded 64 bit and 86.. when i look at my c drive there is a file titled, program files (86), i am asuming that means i can use the 86 bit download, correct? if u dont mind ill probably b asking ALOT of questions. as i said b4, this is my first smartphone my 1st pc and my 1st time modding, rooting, hacking anything. I want to make sure i do this right,so like i said, if u dont mind ill probably have a few questions as i proceed through this being as i do not have the funds to replace my device and it is the only one i have. and not to worry if for whatever reason i do brick or damage my phone i will NOT hold u or any one but myself responsible.
    06-03-2011 03:24 PM
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    just wasting space
    06-03-2011 03:28 PM
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    so i can pm members
    06-03-2011 03:29 PM
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    I am doing this for the 2 files I needed to root my Optimus V. Love your forums.
    06-03-2011 06:24 PM
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    06-03-2011 09:07 PM
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    Need 1 post. Thanks.
    06-03-2011 09:38 PM
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