1. shaun patrick morris's Avatar
    Hi as anyone had this problem i purchased the phone from Dial a phone to go onto Orange with the package i could have 2 swapables .
    I have tried to get on to the ones i have chosen but it comes up not computable , ha sanyone managed to get on with their Swapable ?


    05-08-2013 01:28 PM
  2. Russ Smith's Avatar
    My Games swappable won't work on this phone

    Sent from my HTC One
    05-20-2013 11:32 PM
  3. No_Tech's Avatar
    I have an HTC One Orange Swapables problem or two!

    The first problem is that The Times does not appear in the list of Swapables to select even though the HTC One is compatible. Orange tell me the next HTC One software update may solve the problem. I doubt it, but Orange can't seem to motivate themselves "to bother their backsides" with this issue.

    The second is that I have set up the Sky Sports Swapable and the quality of the service is so bad it's not a service. It is either buffering or blotchy! It's not my Wifi as Orange suggest as BBC iPlayer, CatchupTV and Youtube are all perfect.

    The third problem is that whenever I try to connect over Wifi the Sky Sports Swapable asks me to fill in my phone number so they can text me a link to use over Wifi. The texts often arrive up to 12 hours later or not at all!

    Any advice or comments would be much appreciated!
    06-19-2013 09:01 AM

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