1. JohnMcguinness's Avatar
    Hi, I am having a bit of a mare trying to play songs on my s4. I synced some mp3 files onto the sd card in my s4 by connecting it via usb to my laptop. When I tried to play the songs on the phones default media player it said "sorry this player does not support that type of file".

    I tried putting the songs onto the s4 internal memory but still the same message appeared.

    I then used a youtube-mp3 converter on my s4 to convert a youtube video to mp3 and downloaded it to my phone (this is the method I used to get the songs onto my laptop). Now despite this song being the exact same file format as the songs I had synced onto the phone, this one actually played within the default s4 media player.

    The only way I have managed to get the other synced songs to play is through using the PowerAmp media player, but this is only free for 15 days and is also pretty inconvenient in the fact that it scans the entire phone for audio files and brings up audio such as sound clips from games; stuff which isnt music! If this wasnt the case I might consider paying for the full version!

    I find it wierd that it will play downloaded files, but not synced files. Can anyone help me with this?
    Much appreciated!
    02-20-2014 03:30 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    For song files, I like PowerAmp. It is a paid app on Play, but the first week or 2 are free, so you can test it out without worry for a while.
    06-29-2014 06:14 PM

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