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    I saw no threads on here, so I decided to share my experience on my trip to Peru.

    For cell phones, you really only have two options (3rd is Nextel, but it's bleh)

    For AT&T users visiting Peru, an unlocked device can get you great service from Claro. Prepaid is available everywhere and you can load your card with money at just about any little store, even the country side.

    The reason Claro is great for AT&T users is because it uses the same frequencies for 3G. Beware though that data on Prepaid is costly and is not the most accurate. I highly recommend you use a phone that you can switch from only 2G or 3G connection. 3G is charged at a higher rate I think.

    The other option is Movistar. They use one of the 2 frequencies that AT&T users have and for AT&T devices, will not get the best service. However, they are just as popular as Claro and you will get connection in my places, even the country side.

    All in all, Claro and Movistar are both good carriers to use on the prepaid side. If you are thinking you will be in the country longer than a few months, a postpaid account might be the best avenue.

    Main Points:

    - Go with Claro and Movistar
    - Have a phone that can turn off/on 2G only or 2G/3G
    - Claro, from my experience, works at Machu Picchu
    - Prepaid can be recharged anywhere. Just look for the logos on the door
    - Data on Prepaid can get expensive. 3G cost more.
    06-25-2012 07:35 AM
  2. frankie777's Avatar
    Hi, thanks for reading this. I am going to buy an unlocked phone and send/bring to Peru arequipa for someone, I am wondering what are the requirements for the phone to work there? I mean, the frequencies perhaps? Are the phones more expensive there? For example the new Nexus 4 that is coming out in US. She is using Movistar as a carrier now and I would like to get a smartphone from US here to send to her. Thanks
    10-30-2012 11:27 PM
  3. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    What LTE bands does Movistar use in Lima? I want to send an unlocked smartphone to family member in Peru and I'm purchasing in the USA.
    04-26-2015 06:04 PM