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    This info is from a blogger named Robert Scoble & for those who are trying to decide on Android over iPhone, this should help out (sorry for the length of the post): http://www.google.com/buzz/scobleize...Google-Android

    Robert Scoble - iPhone (pro): Uses less battery. May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (con): I get more crashing errors.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): can run Pandora while browsing web. I ran Waze yesterday, for instance, while driving and doing other things with the phone.May 22

    Robert Scoble - iPhone (pro): UI seems smoother overall. Simpler to navigate around and figure out what's going on. Fewer control buttons.May 22

    Robert Scoble - iPhone (pro): apps are more mature in 75% of cases.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): I can tether my iPad to the Sprint, but can't do that with my iPhone.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): Google apps are way better overall. Especially navigation, Voice, Buzz, etc.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): all my contacts, apps, calendar items, and other things automatically synched without hooking it up to anything.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): text entry is much nicer than on the iPhone. Words pop up as I type and I can choose them, which makes typing much faster.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): voice quality on phone is MUCH clearer. I've tested this out several times today and everyone so far can hear a huge difference.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro and con): it's more of a real operating system, I already have an app that lets me quit tasks. But on other hand it's a bit harder to use. Not sure it's ready for Maryam.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): when setting it up it asked me for my Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts and had apps already loaded for them.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): speaker and microphone quality are noticeably better.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): user replaceable battery.May 22

    Robert Scoble - iPhone (pro and con): AT&T. More coverage (my readers tell me that Sprint isn't good in their town), but has more dropped calls and more dead zones than Sprint in San Francisco area (at least in my limited testing so far).May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): home screen is cooler looking.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): Adobe Flash works and will work much better when 2.2 comes to this device (2.2 is already out for Nexus One phone).May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): screen resolution is higher and size is bigger.May 22

    Robert Scoble - iPhone (pro): feels slightly better in my hand. Might be memory, but the device is smoother overall and feels better designed (but only slightly).May 22

    Todd Jackson - Android (pro): Gmail app with threading and searchMay 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): camera quality is much higher. 8 megapixel vs. 3 megapixel on iPhone.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): camera has a Flash for low-light shooting.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro, sorta): has a front-facing camera for videoconferencing. I haven't found an app yet that uses it.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro and con): Sprint TV has lots of video I can watch. That's the pro. The con is it only works if you switch off Wifi due to licensing agreements or something.May 22

    Robert Scoble - iPhone (con, sorta): the terms of service for iTunes is 32 screens long! I don't know how long the Android one is, though, or if it's any easier to read or figure out. No one reads them anyway, so I guess this is a "con, sorta.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): developers can ship apps and updates with a simpler approval process.May 22

    Steve Weller - Android (pro): I have 2.1 and you can browse using skyfire (supports flash) or for videos supports flash in the HTC flash playerMay 22

    Steve Weller - Android (pro): widgetsMay 22

    Robert Scoble - Steve: explain what widgets are and how I use them. I'm not sure where to find those on my phone.May 22

    Scott Kahler - Android (pro): over the air updatesMay 22
    Jerrald Buchanan - I have an android on the Sprint network, have not upgraded to 4G yet.

    Android EVO 4G - Network Speed - Small encapsulated pockets of 4G
    iPhone - Apps, I can still live with inconsistent connectivity (data speed) but have never experienced any negatives.

    You cannot go wrong with either.May 22

    Kashif Khan - Android (pro): For developers setting up dev environment is easier ( on existing os) and freeMay 22

    Matthew Benson - Robert - not wanting to sound too much like a consultant, but once you've collated all this, it would look great in a 2x2 matrix/table (top row: iPhone, Android; left column: Pros, Cons) - would make for really easy comparison.May 22

    Ron Hudson - iPhone (pro): iPhone can now run Android.May 22

    Steve Weller - hold down your finger on one of the home screens (preferably blank so you can see what sizes do) . Choose widgets, then choose like twitter, pandora, google search, etc. You can also download more by going to the market and search for widgets like 1 press then bluetooth is toggled (or any other function) etc etc. If you want me to go more in depth let me know.May 22

    Brett McGuire - Hmm... Android more crashes than iPhone? Not so sure about that. How about all those times an iPhone app just wouldn't open?May 22

    Ollie Townsend III - Oh no, please don't start people on the task manager issue! Let me save you some time,

    "you don't need a task manager"
    "it makes the phone faster"
    "Android handles task fine on it's own"

    There, skip to the end...it isn't needed, but it wont break your phone. I advise going without it though.May 22

    harriet wakelam - iphone (con): no groups, can't back up notes - fine on the surface but wait till you drill down - usability declines...May 22

    Lee Graham - Android (pro): Adobe AIR apps is coming to Android 2.2. This will expand the number of developers making kickass apps for Android.May 22

    Scott Kahler - iPhone (pro?): Buying iPhone latest hardware at release date means there won't be a better product out for a yearMay 22

    Kevin Whalen - To be clear, you are comparing the iPhone to the EVO device. Correct? I'd say the iPhone trumps most of the 60 plus android devices. May 22

    Steve Weller - Android (pro): does the iphone have the ability to sync with facebook (dont start a privacy discussion robert) and pull information on your friends including pic, phone number, email etc? Android does and I love it, A lot less info to type. And I like the pic thing without having to do much. And then there is always the facebook phonebook (under add to home its under folders). It links everything to your gmail and/or facebook accounts. Pulls/merges necessary information without paying $99 a year for mobile meMay 22

    Rommel Feria - Tethering on iPhone has been there for a long time already. US issues are mostly due to the carrier. Not really a PRO for the Android.May 22

    Scott Kahler - iPhone (pro): every product known to man comes with an iPhone adapterMay 22

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    Rommel Feria - iPhone (Pro) image quality from 3.2MP camera is far better than the 5MP from Nexus OneMay 22

    Robert Scoble - Kevin: yes. It's specifically the phone I'm using. I have a Droid, too, but it isn't nearly as nice as the Sprint, even though MOST of these "pros" for Android still exist on that device as well.May 22

    Kevin Whalen - Which brings me to Android (con): Device fragmentation. Some android devices less than a year old won't even get the new Froyo 2.2 update. May 22

    Rommel Feria - iPhone (pro) video in MP4 and not some crappy 3GPP.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Steve: actually the iPhone CAN sync with Facebook if you have the Facebook app. I've done that and, agreed, it's a damn nice thing to have.May 22

    Rommel Feria - @Ollie with 2.1, running multiple background apps really takes its toll. A task manager may not be necessary had Google configured Android to be a little bit more aggressive in killing those unused background appsMay 22

    Lee Graham - Android (pro): With Android 2.2, not only can I tether, but I can turn my mobile into a hotspot!May 22

    Kevin O'Toole - Facebook app can sync info to iPhone.

    iPhone can also use google as exchange and sync email, calendar, and contacts from that.May 22

    Rommel Feria - Android (pro) with 2.2, portable wifi hotspot. Now this definitely has no iPhone equivalent. FTW!May 22

    McLean Greaves - Android (pro) far more frequent OS updates. Feels like its leapfrogging iPhone OS each quarter.May 22

    Rommel Feria - iPhone (pro) orientation sensor works when you rotate it right, left. (Android with 2.2 now supports it, though)May 22

    Robert Scoble - Kevin: that can also be seen as a "pro." I bought the Droid last November and since then there have been three major new phones that I've wanted (the Google Nexus One, the HTC Incredible, and the Sprint EVO). All three have the advantages discussed here except for Sprint TV which isn't that big a deal anyway.May 22

    Rommel Feria - iPhone (pro) touchscreen is more accurate and precise.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): Voice search and voice integration is much nicer than on iPhone.May 22

    Chuck Falzone - Android (pro): a variety of form factors and price points to suit more users' needs. This is the flip side of Kevin's "device fragmentation" con, which I don't consider to be a con.May 22

    Scott Kahler - Adnroid (pro): an open app marketMay 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): Google Translate and Google Googles. Both things I can't get on iPhone that bring major new functionality to mobile.May 22

    Ray Cromwell - Android (pro): Much faster browser (V8)May 22

    Rommel Feria - iPhone (pro) multitouch on keyboard works. Try holding SHIFT key and type. Won't work on Android, even on 2.2, at least on Nexus One.May 22

    Steve Weller - @robert try the google buzz widget, download that from the market (takes up four boxes on your screen) allows for easy post including new pic from cam or uploaded photo, geo location etcMay 22

    Robert Scoble - Android (pro): open app market that will integrate with desktops and other devices (er, Google TV) without having to hook these devices up to a computer, or, worse, without having to hook them up and sync with a lameass program like iTunes.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Rommel: good one.May 22

    Adam Sweet - May 22

    Robert Scoble - iPhone (pro): multitouch works better and is better integrated into all apps and the experience.May 22

    Seth Gershel - Gotta say, I like the Android (Pro) 2.1 ability for wireless (from the cloud) sync with the Desktop. Got kinda tired of previous need to remember to wire up.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Steve: cool, I was already using the Google Buzz application. I didn't know there was a widget too.May 22

    Ray Cromwell - Android (pro): Awesome Car Home / GPS Navigation / MapsMay 22

    Wilson Hines - Right now, I don't have time to read the whole 68, so far, comments - but I'll be back to read up.
    I am a new MacBook Pro owner and it's my first Mac. I am astounded at how great this OSX and the whole Mac environment truly has lived up to the hype, plus more.
    That being said, I am going to the EVO in June and going hard. I will not be held captive by AT&T. I live in an area which, very conversely, has exceptional AT&T coverage - but my work takes me everywhere the iPhone has crippled their network.
    Android has the apps I need. I don't need 200,000 apps, I just need about 10.May 22

    Matthew Knopp - UX is uniformly better on the iphone. Apps are usually better on iPhone. Android devices are better for not being teathered to iTunes. Maps on Android are vastly better. UX fragmentation on Android is horrible: put a Droid and and Evo running 2.1 side by side, so much divergence even after killing SenseUI. The typeahead bar on Android is great. Browsing is still better on the iPhone though the Evo closes the gap. Really the problem with browsing has nothing to do with the browser: iPhone has Zoom and Pan in a single gesture while on android it requires to gestures. More later
    May 22

    Robert Scoble - Thomas: I don't know whether it will work overseas. That's one thing I have to look into.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Matthew: yup, agreed, but the apps are getting better every week. Some have already caught up to iPhone. Waze, for instance, is nicer on the Android and there are some that are better already (mostly from Google, but the innovation from app developers for Android is impressive).May 22

    Lee Graham - Android (pro): Google's philosophy for developers is your are free to develop whatever with whatever tools. IBM (oops I meant Apple)... you must use our tools or hit the road jack. This is a huge FAIL on Apple's part. A healthy & open developer community is vital to a platforms existence. I think Apple will figure this out over the next couple of years.May 22

    David Scott - Android (pro): No only can you sync contacts with facebook, but also with Twitter.May 22

    Norris Hughes - iPhone (pro): better UI, ease of use (something my grandmother can use)
    iPhone (con): terrible camera, speaker volume, lacks openness

    Android (pro): Openness, flexible UI

    Android (con): horrible UI, hard to use(for novice), lacks hardware accessories, terrible multimedia phone, & no means to backup/restore apps to PC/Mac (DoubleTwist doesn't backup apps)May 22

    Steve Weller - @lee they get it but choose to ignore it, they are more interested in the masses, the experience, the "quality" of their OS. People who use android USE android to its fullest. A lot of people who have the iphone still use it as a "normal phone" not even a smart phoneMay 22

    Matthew Knopp - Robert, absolutely. For example Twitters new Androd client is almost better
    than their iphone version on v1.0.May 22DeleteUndo deleteReport spamNot spam

    Lee Graham - @SteveWeller - gets a +1 for a great point.May 22

    Ray Cromwell - Froyo has pinch/zoom in the browser, but I would say latency is a huge usability issue, and I could do without combo-pinch-zoom-pan (keep two fingers on the glass and pan), if it means things startup and render much much faster.May 22

    David Scott - @Norris As to the backup/restore apps it is non issue once you download and buy an app you can remove it and they redownload it with out paying again.

    Android (Con): a very lack luster media player.

    Android (Pro): Although the player isn't great it does a better job playing media.

    Android (Pro): When an app crashes you know what happened. I hated how apps would just disappear of fail to open with no idea what was going on on the iphone.May 22

    Jon Mallin - Android (big pro): Apps that can duplicate and improve upon core functionality of the OS, e.g., replacement keyboards (Swype, HTC's own keyboard, etc.), music players (Cubed 3, MixZing, etc.), video players (Meridian), browsers (Skyfire, Dolphin HD, etc.), SMS implementation (Handcent), and the list goes on and on. Competition in these areas is producing superior core functionality (but not necessarily superior out-of-the-box functionality) of Android to iPhone OS. Apple until recently just banned apps that replaced core functionality with the only notable exception being Opera Mini. Not the right approach.May 22

    Kevin Whalen - I think the con of device fragmentation is that a device purchased 9 months ago (which locks most people into 2 yr contracts) won't be able to benefit from this great Froyo update. Where as the original iPhone has been up until now been able to get the new iPhone OS updates. 3 years ain't too bad.May 22

    Odi Kosmatos - iPhone (pro) great digital lifestyle integration with iLife on Mac. Syncs my photos (with Faces and albums), my tv shows/movies, podcasts (separately), audiobooks (separately), etc.May 22

    Manuel Mas - @Robert Scoble. What Google Buzz app? May 22

    Odi Kosmatos - iPhone (pro) great integration with German automobiles (Audi, BMW). On my A4 I fully control the iPhone and get the full list of audio content on the main console screen. Wonderful.May 22

    Hugh Isaacs II - Android (pro): Apps are allowed to interpret code, allowing for software like Firefox Mobile, NesDroid or the Java/J2ME runner.May 22

    Odi Kosmatos - iPhone (pro) perfect integration with other easy to use devices like Airport Express + the Apple Remote app, Apple TV, and iPad which shares apps / music updyes when you rate your songs etc. Yes, this is done through iTunes so it is good only on a Mac.May 22
    05-31-2010 10:24 AM
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    Robert Scoble - Kevin: that's true, but Android devices are coming down in price faster than iPhones are too. Plus, I have a feeling that kind of problem will get cleaned up a bit from now on.May 22

    Odi Kosmatos - iPhone (pro) easy to use music store with Podcasts, Movies, Audiobooks, Music, etc. which then syncs back to your computer's main libraryMay 22

    Ollie Townsend III - Android (pro) (soon) OTA music, app, navigation downloadsMay 22

    Cedric Beust - Android (pro): wifi tethering (the iPhone has tethering, but you need a cable).May 22

    Ollie Townsend III - Android (pro) Pick a carrier and a dessert is there.May 22

    Robert Scoble - Cedric: you can't Tether an iPad to an iPhone but you can tether an iPad to an Android phone. Ahh, wonderful world we live in, huh?May 22
    05-31-2010 10:25 AM
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    Cedric Beust - Robert: that's exactly what I pointed out in a blog post yesterday:

    One Steve Jobs down, one to go Otaku, Cedric's weblog

    but the Daring Fireball readership didn't really like it, as you can tell from the comments :-)May 22

    Miguel Rios - Robert: Qik uses the front facing camera. Go to Menu > Settings > Camera > Front.May 22

    John Dryden - I believe Fring is supposed to use the front camera as wellMay 22

    Ollie Townsend III - So how long until Google Talk lets you use the front camera and video chat with both mobile and non mobile users?May 22

    Carlos Cardona - Before I went to IO this year I was convinced that the iphone was a more compelling platform. But WOW did Google raise the bar with all of the Android announcements. After using the EVO for the last 2 days I have decided that this is the best phone on the market and Android is the most compelling mobile platform now.

    Seeing Android start to spread from 60 different devices and into a TV really puts in perspective where Google is headed with this. They are headed into a place that Apple just can't follow. Apple will never allow the iPhone OS to go all of the places that Android is headed. We are about to witness and explosion of Android devices.

    The most compelling apps for me are Google Maps and Translate. I agree that the phone might not be totally ready for the masses yet but Google is bringing the polish level up. I truly believe that the EVO is nicer than the iPhone.May 22

    Brad Trnavsky - The Nav feature on My Droid Eris running 2.1 was so good I actually decided not to by a Magellan for my car.

    The Droid plays nicely with my Mac with out iTunes integration.

    Multiple in boxes in GMail is AWESOME!

    Good app store... The Droid will probably be the dominant mobile OS soon so this will only get better.May 22

    Rich Levin - Easy one. Android: choice, open, lower cost, removable battery, keyboard if you want it, runs everything on the web (i.e., no platform racism), excellent Google integration, multiple carriers, tethering (now with hacking, soon w/OS upgrade), build apps using whatever language you prefer, USB I/O, expandable storage. iPhone: Reverse all of the above. Did I miss anything?May 22

    Ollie Townsend III - @Rich Levin I think you summed it up quite nicely!May 22

    Odi Kosmatos - iPhone (con) no online gambling apps allowed nor adult apps etc.

    By the way, while it all seems bleak for Apple, I wouldn't be surprised if in the next couple of years, or much more likely all of a sudden in a couple of months, the tide turns again. Which is great for both sides. Keep this in mind: The iPhone hardware has been mostly the same for 3 years now, incremental updates. Don't be surprised that this update is a big one. We've seen the prototype, it is very thin, high-rez screen, front camera, flash, "A4" processor, and my guess is a 10-hour battery life... long even when Multitasking multiple apps continuously. Also, don't be surprised to see Apple's cloud initiative be unveiled within the next couple of years.May 22

    Odi Kosmatos - Rich Levin: Windows Phone 7 devices have that kind of stuff too. Does that mean anything? Should I be less worried about them in that case?May 22

    Odi Kosmatos - iPhone (pro) Built really solid. Dropped it many times, never once did the battery pop out and go flying away.May 22

    Miguel Rios - Odi: Really? Windows Phone 7 is OPEN?May 22

    Bud Gibson - I have an ipod touch and ipad but no phone. I almost went ATT when I got the Droid in November. At that time, the main selling point of the droid was google integration and Verizon's network. The apple interface is better, but the devices integrate into the cloud much less seamlessly and are not as good at calls.

    The EVO is a real step up from the Droid interface and feels better. The interface still doesn't quite match the apple, but the google and other cloud services give it the edge in my view.May 22

    Brian Rule - Android (pro) removable micro sd card, kickstand, auto update for apps(coming soon), java, all the google love first! I'm switching to the Evo on June 4th from an iPhone. Been using an iPhone for 3 years but use too many google products and want an open, flourishing platform instead of a closed, singular platform. I can't wait!May 22

    Rommel Feria - iPhone (pro) Audible support.May 22

    Joey Smith - Android (pro) not tied to one computer. Can move my files as needed. Can move music and video to my Incredible in the time it takes iTunes to load.

    Another pro - can automatically download podcasts without being tied to my computer. BeyondPod has been a good app and checking out Google Listen now.May 22

    Simen Fjeld-Olsen - iPhone (pro) User interface is more standardized over all apps, and its easier non geeks to use.May 22

    Charles Owens - - iPhone (pro) one can experience the iPhone OS without having to buy and iPhone and get stuck in a contract i.e. the iPod touch. Is there an MP3 player running Android?May 22

    Charles Owens - Android (pro) A real Google Voice app and real integration.May 22

    Odi Kosmatos - To Cedric Beust - You said "Android (pro): wifi tethering (the iPhone has tethering, but you need a cable)." but iPhone supports tethering by Bluetooth, so you don't need a cable, the iPhone simply stays in your pocket.May 22

    Steve Weller - @charles no mp3 players but lots of mp4 PMD's, internet devices and tablets.May 22

    Cedric Beust - Odi: fair point.May 22

    Rick Gregory - Hmm. The iphone has supported tethering for months. Amusingly, ANdroid partisans talk about how the iPhone will have to catch up in this area when iPhone's been able to support tethering since the 3Gs and the Android update that supports it isn't even shipped.

    The difference? Carrier. ATT doesn't support tethering, hence the perception that the iPhone as a device does not. Query: have the carriers with Android phones publicly committed to allowing tethering? And if so, at what charge?

    Now, while my clarification isn't meaningful to US customers today it is in the context of a device comparison (and might be if June brings us more iPhone carriers).

    Speaking of June @Robert Scoble - this is a premature comparison. We should really be comparing the iPhone 4 and a modern Android phone (say the Incredible or EVO) with 2.2. I can just imagine the wailing in here had Apple announced first and we were doing a comparison that was tilted against Android just because we were comparing iPhone 4 and 2.1....May 23

    Andy Bonkoski - Android pro: replaceable on screen keyboards. Swype
    Much better notification system than Iphone.
    A portion of the screen isn't wasted on a back button which is needed by almost every app.
    Home screen replacements so you can make your home screens as simple or complicated as you want it to be.
    The ability of the hardware manufacturers to innovate on the hardware and UIMay 23

    David Shellabarger - iPhone (pro) App store is usable and familiar to most peopleMay 23

    David Shellabarger - iPhone (pro) Music app is better than default android oneMay 23

    David Shellabarger - iPhone (pro) parental controls and ratings on all apps. Android doesn't.May 23

    David Shellabarger - iPhone (pro) a few dev's are making millions. Nobody is on Android.May 23

    David Shellabarger - iPhone (pro) ridiculous number of possibly home screensMay 23

    David Shellabarger - iPhone (pro sorta) paper statement with each purchase.May 23

    David Shellabarger - iPhone (pro) in app purchases.May 23

    David Shellabarger - Oh btw I'm an Android dev so I'll through some of those in too.
    Android (pro) open source!May 23

    David Shellabarger - Android (pro) Intents. This is how apps share into like yelp and open table or the camera and any twitter app. Really powerful.May 23

    David Shellabarger - Android (pro) You can replace any built in app.May 23

    David Shellabarger - Evo (pro) 4G!May 23

    David Shellabarger - Android (pro) I develop for it I don't for iPhone.May 23
    05-31-2010 10:26 AM
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    Miguel Rios - David: What do you mean by "ridiculous number of possibly home screens"... "ridiculous number of possibly wallpapers in the home screen"?May 23

    Edmund Tay - Android (con): Paid apps only available to limited number of countries http://market.android.com/support/bi...swer=143779May 23

    Edmund Tay - Android (con): Only developers from 9 countries can sell paid apps in the marketplace http://www.google.com/support/androi...swer=150324May 23

    David Shellabarger - @Miguel no, the iPhone doesn't have an app drawer like Android does. All of the apps are on the home screens. Android stores all apps in the app drawer. Most android phones have 3 (Sense UI has 7). iPhone has virtually unlimited home screens. More apps installed means more home screens.
    I kinda like how Android does it, but I've heard several people complain about it.May 23

    Joshua Turmel - @Edmund Android (pro) - even though there are fewer countries with paid apps in Marketplace, at least they can be downloaded (and sold) without being in the MarketplaceMay 23

    Jon Mallin - iPhone (pro) and Amdroid (pro) - The iPhone is easy to use and very intuitive (pro). Android, as many of us wrote above, can be more heavily customized (pro) but it is somewhat less intuitive (con), albeit easily learned by people who are good with technology generally (pro). For the casual user, the simplicity of the iPhone may tip the scales towards the iPhone. For more advanced users, the tweak-ability of Android may tip the scales towards Android. I don't believe it's as simple as X > Y for everyone and that's one reason why opinions diverge in these comments. Personally, I'd recommend the iPhone to some people I know and Android to others.May 23

    Nelson Saenz - Android (pro): speech to text input anywhere you can enter text. May 23

    Miquel Collado - Android (pro): Open sourceMay 23

    Johan Sellstrm - my fat fingers can not handle minuscule Android iconsMay 23

    Rich Levin - @Johan Sellstrom Search the Android Market for "launcher," 'icon," "accessibility," "skin" or "skinning," "themes," etc. There are some tools that people use to magnify their icons. Sweeterhome did this, but the site now seems to be down.

    Don't think this can be done for widgets, although there are many widgets that are large by default out there. For example, long-press | widgets | power. See also here: Skinning / Themes Discussion - Android Forums

    This brings up a larger question which is, the lack of accessibility features in smartphones for the disabled.May 23

    Kenneth McGraw - Any recent info on Android developers income? I wouldn't expect many polished Apps if the developers aren't getting paid. May 23

    Robert Smith - EVO PRO.. FLIPPING WORK ON MY NETWORK DAMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank youMay 23

    Emily Berard - Eeep!May 23

    Kris Roley - The only thing I don't like about the EVO is the monthly data. Specifically, there's a charge for 4G that (if I heard correctly) I'd be paying even though my area is not yet lit up with 4G. Everything else about the EVO sounds awesome.May 23

    Jonathan Stahura - Android (pro) evolving and changing by the moment.. always fresh and something new..
    Iphone (con) stuck in a time loop.. i had an iphone 4 times... always got tired of how i only share the experience.. same with my ipad.. it just sits on the endtable as a glorified picture frame.May 24

    Edward Doan - Android (pro): works on multiple carriers, and your apps/profile are portable between devices (e.g. EVO 4G, Nexus One).

    @Kris Roley - it's $10/mo for 4G. Seriously, you throw away 2X that much for unlimited text messaging on AT&T which is already part of Sprint's base plan (Everything Data)!May 24

    ZJ Hendrickse - Android (pro): System apps are open source and can be altered to give additional features, or to remove irritations.

    iPhone (pro): Developers are able to get there hands on the latest OS months before it is released to the public, and know that other than possible bugs in the OS, it will work on their device allowing for real world testing outside of a simulator.

    Android (con): Need to ensure your android phone allows custom firmware in order to be able to test on the latest firmware soon after release. Updating to such firmware before it has been released offically from your phone maker, is a more complicated process.May 24

    Joel Millican - Not a pro or con either way, just an observation. I think simplicity and elegance in a UI wins for the masses (read non-geeks).May 24

    Ollie Townsend III - A Google translation for the above : Apple iPhone's strengths and the home game against Google robots (in particular the shortcomings of Sprint's EVO 4G). Please join here and help out all the benefits.May 25

    Ranjit Wassan - Android (Pro): The services stack google has will only grow. Apple dont have that, mobile me vs the google services is not a fair contest. If apple restricted access to google services that would be a massive fail. Google Voice also clearly coming to ALL major territories in time....

    Apple have to just suck it up. Navigation will be the first thing to change, android (and nokia) devices now ship with free satNav. Apple will no doubt laungh one with OS4.0. But whos will it be, certainly not googles!!May 26

    Nicholas Evans - iPhone (pro): support for Audible.com and playing podcasts and audiobooks in double speed.May 30

    Nicholas Evans - iPhone (pro): just about everything (Bose speakers, car stereos, etc): supports the proprietary iPhone connector, with decent support (e.g. the car will continue playing what you were listening to and the fast forward/rewind/pause buttons will work).
    Android (con): those that "support" the Android tend to see it as a dumb USB storage device with audio files.May 30

    Nicholas Evans - Those two points are the only reason I still bring my iPhone with me everywhere, as an iPod Touch (that reminding me it's missing a SIM card). On every other point, I'm in love with my Nexus One. Hopefully future OS & app updates and a bluetooth adapter for my car stereo will allow me to ditch the iPhone entirely.May 30

    Ollie Townsend III - My truck has a simple AUX input. 3.5 cable from my phone to the stereo and instant sounds.May 30

    Robert Scoble - Connor: funny, I just met someone who had an Android (HTC Hero) in the restaurant. I noticed it, asked him "how do you like the Android?" He said "I'd rather have an iPhone but I can't stand AT&T." I know just how he feels.May 30

    Christopher Carr - @Nicholas Evans

    "iPhone (pro): support for Audible.com... "

    Actually, that's: Audible.com (con)May 30

    Robert Scoble - iPhone (pro) I like editing text on iPhone better. Seems easier to enter new text inside already existing text. Seems easier to copy and paste and select text, etc.May 30
    05-31-2010 10:27 AM
  6. H_D's Avatar
    Hugh Isaacs II - @Robert Scoble

    I second that, I hate having to use the trackball on my Droid Eris to type in between text.
    I actually prefer that magnifying glass feature that the iPhone OS has.

    There are a few occasions though where I prefer the trackball, but there's not many (it'd be nice to have both).May 30

    Daniel Eaton - Iphone (con): Even with support for Audible.com books, it still does not show summary information or accurately locate chapters. iTunes has also messed up putting them into playlists.May 30

    Joey Smith - @Scoble - Not being tied to only one of my computers is enough reason not to miss my iPhone.May 30

    Prabu Singh - Android (pro) Widgets widgets widgets! Flash! Great apps arent rejected! App distribution isnt limoted to iTunesMay 30

    Amit Gawande - I think biggest pros for iPhone will come from those who do not comment on buzz, may be neither know what buzz is. Just thinking10:39 pm

    David Chartier - IPhone (pro): Backup to desktop computer with iTunes, easy restore to same or new device. Backups can be encrypted.10:56 pm

    David Chartier - iPhone (pro): Can sync contacts with Facebook via Facebook's official app10:57 pm

    Robert Scoble - David: Facebook on Android does that too.
    11:01 pm

    Paul Yannello - The pro to me (for the iphone) is that i don't feel like i own a test rocket....i feel like i own a fully vetted 74711:16 pm

    Nicholas Evans - @Ollie yes a simple 3.5 audio input would also work. Alas, my current car stereo doesn't support that although it has an iPod input. It's absurd and that's partly why I jumped away from the iPhone; I don't want to continue to support Apple's walled garden and a third party ecosystem that treats nonpoprietary connectors as afterthoughts. Likewise, with audible.com, this is only because of crappy DRM. But if anyone knows of an android app for playing 2x speed podcasts, I'm very interested.11:33 pm

    Paul Murley - Pro for iPhone: ubiquity. Heaps of interactive entertainment apps which can be used with other iPhones: HeyWAY, Ping, Finger Foos, Air Hockey, Charadium and Battleship are a few that come to mind...

    It'd be nice if iPhone OS and Android could get along in the same playground sigh11:42 pm

    Chris Sparno - iPhone (Pro) - don't need to check which apps/functions are using how much battery and don't need to "force quit" apps that are using too much memory (yet - may change with multitasking under OS 4). It all just works. Don't feel like I am running Ubuntu. Feels more like Mac OSX or Windows 711:55 pm

    Tanapon P. - Android drains even more battery than iPhone?!12:01 am

    Hugh Isaacs II - @Tanapon P.

    Not really, it'd be too hard to judge, but I can say I get a day and a half out of my phone battery.

    There are a lot of battery draining apps though.12:04 am

    David Scott - Android (Pro) - I get to laugh at people who think android user have to check how much battery power an app is using and knowing I can trust the OS to manage memory and shut down apps if needed12:05 am

    Tony Fleming - Android (Con) Lack of enterprise readiness. Little things like adding vcards from e-mail messages, adding word or PDF messages from the Gmail app native, and inviting attendes to calender appointments. If your use the the functionality from another platform you start to miss it.12:27 am

    Bleu Caldwell - iPhone (pro): I feel like the iPhone is still the more mainstream phone -- meaning it still gets the majority of apps and accessories. I love Google, and I'm grateful for the competition that the Android phones provide, but I doubt I'll be switching anytime soon. I am, however, open to the possibility of conversion.12:27 am

    David Scott - Android (Pro) - Having an animated wallpaper that not only changes based on the time of day, but the weather in the area as well. Although it is a little unnerving the first time you see water rolling down the screen.12:28 am

    David Scott - @Tony F. everything you mentioned as a con isn't any more. Enterprise is easy. V card support is there. You can even add attachments in the native app.12:34 am

    David Scott - Android (Pro) - got a new phone and I didn't have to wait until I got home to plug it into a computer to get all my apps and contacts. All I did was signed on to my google account.12:37 am

    Matthew Dudak - Android(pro): More closely related to Linux. More open.
    iPhone(pro): Easier to use.
    Android(con): Not user friendly for the non-nerd
    iPhone(con): Closed. Nuff said!9:45 am
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    05-31-2010 10:29 AM
  7. stolirocks's Avatar
    05-31-2010 10:56 AM
  8. H_D's Avatar
    Wow, really...lol. No spam, just thought this info might be helpful.
    05-31-2010 10:58 AM
  9. Runningwarrior08's Avatar
    Did you even read it? It's in a way a review mixed with a comparison, like said in it though it needs to be in excel sheet of some sorts. I like the unbiased views from an Iphone owner. I like the post. Thanks.
    05-31-2010 11:04 AM
  10. Kedar's Avatar
    A lot of it was pretty unbiased.
    Great writeup.
    05-31-2010 11:10 AM
  11. Brett636's Avatar
    cliff notes please
    05-31-2010 11:10 AM
  12. lbknight's Avatar
    I liked it as well. Thanks for posting.
    05-31-2010 11:37 AM
  13. kenmid EVO's Avatar
    nice post, but i get a headace trying to read that, I wish there was a beter way you could organize the article.
    05-31-2010 11:56 AM
  14. dahlberg123's Avatar
    A lot of the 'pro' android points will become pushes when iPhone 4th Gen comes out, will they not?
    05-31-2010 11:57 AM
  15. Paladin's Avatar
    cliff notes please
    Yes, there were various people that used an unnamed Android device and an unnamed iPhone. There were both Pro's and Cons to using both. ii
    05-31-2010 12:16 PM
  16. Caitlyn McKenzie's Avatar
    Can we get a source link?
    05-31-2010 12:18 PM
  17. Caitlyn McKenzie's Avatar
    A lot of the 'pro' android points will become pushes when iPhone 4th Gen comes out, will they not?
    Not a lot, no. And a bunch of iPhone "pros" will become "cons" as well. Example: the iPhone OS 4's need for a task killer like Android (in fact, it comes with the functionality).
    05-31-2010 12:20 PM
  18. SilverZero's Avatar
    Ron Hudson - iPhone (pro): iPhone can now run Android.May 22
    05-31-2010 12:35 PM
  19. skeeve's Avatar
    ... I gotta ask why you didn't just link to the story you clearly copied this from? The way you wrote this is extremely confusing to read. Also, I know you gave credit by name but... you need more rigorous citation for this to not be technically plagiarism.
    05-31-2010 01:02 PM
  20. Duvi's Avatar
    05-31-2010 01:16 PM
  21. H_D's Avatar
    ... I gotta ask why you didn't just link to the story you clearly copied this from? The way you wrote this is extremely confusing to read. Also, I know you gave credit by name but... you need more rigorous citation for this to not be technically plagiarism.
    Sorry about that....added link to post#1
    05-31-2010 01:22 PM
  22. vbsoulpole's Avatar
    This whole battery issue is really confusing me. Do smartphones ever get good battery reviews? I have a brother in law that's switching to Android from iPhone soon because he's seen his iPhone die in less than 12 hours and my Hero goes for 24+ with me constantly using it. I know the Evo will have several apps and toys that will suck battery life, but after one gets accustomed to their phone and knows how to use it efficiently, I've no doubt you can get a full day of use out of it.

    All in all I really liked the write-up though, they seemed to have done enough research to not look biased. I guess I'm just getting tired of the battery-life/true multitasking nonsense people spew, when in reality, they just aren't very experienced with Android/HTC Sense.
    05-31-2010 01:31 PM
  23. Yourdogsdead's Avatar
    Smartphones suck at battery life in general. The thing that is nice about Android though is you can tweak the battery a lot. Some guy got over 60 hours of battery on his Evo.
    05-31-2010 02:06 PM
  24. H_D's Avatar
    Smartphones suck at battery life in general. The thing that is nice about Android though is you can tweak the battery a lot. Some guy got over 60 hours of battery on his Evo.
    Yea I saw that too! I hope we have the same luck...
    05-31-2010 04:12 PM
  25. Gameboy70's Avatar
    This whole battery issue is really confusing me. Do smartphones ever get good battery reviews? . . . . All in all I really liked the write-up though, they seemed to have done enough research to not look biased. I guess I'm just getting tired of the battery-life/true multitasking nonsense people spew, when in reality, they just aren't very experienced with Android/HTC Sense.
    I've been using smartphone since 2001, starting with a Treo 300, and I don't remember battery life being such a hot button topic until about two years ago. That's about the time when GPS was becoming mainstream on smartphones, and Webkit browsers made casual internet surfing more palatable. Those two trends, IMO, have had a huge impact on battery life. My old Treo 650, with no GPS and an old school browser (Blazer) had great battery life.
    05-31-2010 05:01 PM