1. mcptech's Avatar
    Thinking about getting the DINC. Wife and I both have BB's and sync our life thru the calendar. If I go droid what is the best way to send meeting request from droid to blackberry and viceversa?

    I am not on an exchange server by the way.
    I have a gmail account/ wife does not.
    we both have outlook but not exchange server.
    We both have windows live email accounts.

    How do I make the calendars talk to each other. This is probably my biggest concern as it is one of the most important functions for us.
    11-24-2010 07:31 PM
  2. jgodin03's Avatar
    open a other gmail account to you and your wife and install Google Sync on her berry.

    Keep your personal and use this ''shared'' one for sync between both phones.
    12-07-2010 12:24 PM
  3. huffman18's Avatar
    Just setup another calendar. You can add her email address to it and it will show new entries every time you add one and then sync your Droid/BB. My girlfriend and I have one and it makes staying on top of events that come up so much easier.
    12-14-2010 01:31 PM
  4. hwonweh's Avatar
    it is GREAT for both BB and android user!
    12-20-2010 01:56 AM