1. zanna's Avatar
    I bought the 'ray' a week ago & I'm resonably satisfied though I've to say it's the first smartphone I own so I have little terms of comparison ...
    small dimensions are, for me that never was fond of tile format phones, a notable aspect (it seems only slightly bigger than my old Nokia 2700 (also slightly thinner))
    it's fast and responsive (slowed down sometimes by erratic performance of the web connection, but that's a different matter)

    problems: it warms up a little... and drains lot of battery, you'll need to configurate to find the right balance between needs and energy requirements ... I guess the daily charge becomes the routine when you introduce a smartphone in your life (I used to charge my ol' Nokia twice a week )
    10-11-2011 05:31 PM
  2. patrixl's Avatar
    My first impressions are pretty good too! And I'm coming from (in order) : Google Nexus One, Sharp Lynx 3D, Sharp Aquos phone f, Google Nexus S... Never thought I'd like a phone below 3.7", heck I always thought my next phone would have 4" screen at least, if not a 4.3/4.5. Yet this phone just feels good in the hands, has a great screen despite the small size, very smooth and good sound and camera quality so far. Thinking of "upgrading" to it as my daily driver...
    01-25-2012 10:19 PM